Diablo Immortal Mobile Game Announced with Trailer

World of Warcraft: Classic Demo Limits Play to 60 Minutes

Diablo Immortal is the mobile Diablo game nobody asked for

It's called Diablo Immortal, and despite being a mobile game the company promises that it will be a "full-fledged action RPG".

This is bound to come as a bit of a disappointment to anyone who was expecting Diablo 4 proper - but new Diablo content with the classic isometric gameplay is nothing to sneeze at.

Blizzard is facing severe backlash following the reveal of its massively multiplayer Diablo Immortal mobile game at Blizzcon yesterday, with fans calling the announcement a "slap in the face". In "Diablo Immortal" the story picks up after the events of the "Diablo II" expansion, "Lord of Destruction", wherein the World Stone has been shattered into fragments by the hand of the angel Tyrael.

Blizzard has today announced that their classic RTS game Warcraft III is getting remade. The game will take place somewhere in the 20-year span between Diablo 2 and Diablo 3, and will revisit some of those games' locations.

The game's cinematic trailer, above, has received more than 200,000 dislikes, compared to just 7,000 likes. Six classes have been confirmed so far - Barbarian, Crusader, Demon Hunter, Monk, Necromancer, and Wizard.

Fortunately for them, Blizzard has already announced that they are working on multiple Diablo games so it seems one of them might be Diablo 4. "Leading the invasion of Sanctuary is the demon known as Skarn, Herald of Terror - Diablo's most powerful lieutenant - who now rallies a new demonic army", according to Blizzard.

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Join a worldwide community as you battle side by side to vanquish ancient evils, explore perilous dungeons, and of course, get legendary loot.

Since Diablo originated on battle.net Diablo: Immortal will have battle.net integration.

"It's likely, very possible that future titles across the spectrum will have cross-play", said Diablo's Adam Adham. "We're really thinking about approaching it in many different ways".

You can pre-register for the game now at the Google Play Store.

Instead, watch this trailer, which shows just how thoroughly the original game's assets have been reworked.

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