Google employees walkout over handling of sexual misconduct

Google CEO Sundar Pichai apologised for the company's

ERIC RISBERG APGoogle CEO Sundar Pichai apologised for the company's"past actions

Thousands of Google employees across the globe staged a protest by walking out of their offices in response to the company's handling of sexual harassment cases.

The walkouts involve staff at offices in Dublin, Zurich, London, Berlin, Tokyo and Singapore. The report claimed Google gave Rubin a $90 million exit package, which sparked a slew of outrage.

He derided the story in a tweet, insisting it contained "numerous inaccuracies" and "wild exaggerations about my compensation".

The demonstration comes after Google CEO Pichai sent out memos stating the company was taking a hard stance against inappropriate behavior and that employees would have the support they needed to show up for the protests.

Despite his assurances, employees' discontent over the matter continued to increase, which ultimately led to the employees staging a protest on Thursday. They occupy slightly more than one quarter of leadership roles globally, according to Google data from 2017.

It was planned after a New York Times investigation found a pattern of men abusing people on their teams - and still given multi-million dollar exit settlements.

Thursday's walkout was the latest in a series of employee-led protests at Google.

The story also outlines a culture of sexual harassment and gender discrimination at the company.

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The organisers behind the protest said that almost 17,000 Google employees took part in the walkout, and they aren't done counting yet.

"Over the past two years, we have terminated 48 people, including 13 senior managers and above for sexual harassment", Pichai said.

Demands posted in the account included improved processes for reporting sexual misconduct and resolving cases of harassment, as well as a commitment by Google to pay and opportunity equality.

Mr DeVaul had remained at the "X" lab after allegations of sexual misconduct surfaced about him a few years ago, but he resigned on Tuesday without severance, Google confirmed on Wednesday.

Android creator Andy Rubin left Google in 2014 with a $90million (£70million) golden parachute.

The Google walkout in NYC.

The "Walkout for Real Change" was scheduled to begin at 11:10 local time zones.

The group has called on Google to elevate the position of Chief Diversity Officer so that they can answer directly to the CEO and make recommendations to the Board of Directors.

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