Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez elected as youngest woman in US Congress

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wins election to New York’s 14th congressional district

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez elected as youngest woman in US Congress

The gains among women on Capitol Hill come as potential Democratic candidates for president are already taking steps to challenge Trump, several prominent female Democrats among them. A cohort of women crashed Pennsylvania's all-male congressional delegation.

- Janet Mills: First female governor of Maine. At 29, she's the youngest woman ever to hold a seat in the House.

She'll be joined by Michigan Democrat Rashida Tlaib - also a Muslim and the first Palestinian-American to serve Congress.

By early Wednesday morning, 92 women had been elected to the House, surpassing the previous record of 84 - and more victories were expected.

The surge of women running for Congress in Tuesday's midterm election led to a record number of female candidates - and women of color - capturing seats in the U.S. House of Representatives. Democracy Now! was there with The Intercept for our special election broadcast.

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Corker, the outgoing senator, had backed Blackburn but refused to campaign against Bredesen, whom he considers a friend. Last month, Taylor Swift dipped her toe in politics when she took to Instagram to endorse Bredesen.

Texas, which has never sent a Hispanic woman to Congress, elected two Tuesday night: Veronica Escobar and Sylvia Garcia, both Democrats.

Amid a wave of female candidates running for office, Tlaib scored a victory in Michigan's 13th Congressional District, setting her up to be the first Muslim-American woman in Congress. New Mexico Democrat Deb Haaland and Kansas Democrat Sharice Davids were elected the first two Native American women to serve in Congress. She campaigned on keeping taxes low (South Dakota is one of a few states with no income tax), cutting government spending, and introducing more government transparency. Tallahassee, Florida Mayor Andrew Gillum lost to Ron DeSantis, shooting down hopes that the Sunshine State would elect their first Black governor. Davids defeated incumbent Republican Kevin Yoder.

Delmore said that many of these candidates adopted a new approach when campaigning for their various positions.

There was also a historic gender gap that showed women more supportive of Democrats than Republicans. Ironically, Blackburn rose to wider attention when pop star Taylor Swift broke her political silence and encouraged fans to support Democratic challenger Phil Bredesen. Omar faced Republican candidate Jennifer Zielinski and ran on a platform focused on education, health care and immigration. Her father died while she was a student at Boston University in 2008. This cycle, women placed gender and motherhood center stage. Campaign ads featured candidates breastfeeding their babies and getting an ultrasound. Mills, now the state's attorney general, has won the governorship, checking another state off a long list that has never had a female chief executive.

Blackburn has been closely associated with Trump and is said to be farther to the right than the Republican senator she is replacing. Winning either chamber would help them thwart or stall much of Trump's policy agenda and increase congressional oversight and investigation of the administration. We don't back down when something is challenging.

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