Donald Trump On His Relationship With Oprah: "We Did Very Well"

Oprah Stumps For Stacey Abrams In Georgia, Ignores Mike Pence’s “This Ain’t Hollywood” Nattering Nearby

The Latest: Trump says Yale-educated Abrams isn't qualified

The race to decide the next governor of Georgia is nearly dead even, with Republican candidate Brian Kemp holding a slim lead in the campaign's homestretch.

Georgia's Democratic gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams, who would be the first black female governor in US history if she wins, is the latest target of racist robocalls from a white supremacist group.

This evening, former President Barack Obama is scheduled to speak at an Atlanta rally for Democrat Stacey Abrams.

Winfrey called Abrams a "change-maker" who represents the values of all Georgians.

"Oprah was here endorse Stacey and I am here to endorse Brian", Trump said during the campaign run for Kemp.

Where is my voting location? Where do I go to vote?
In Portland, friends of local school board and legislative candidates waited to shake hands with incoming voters. Charlottesville says 30,519 (17.3%) active-registered voters have taken part in the election as of 9 a.m.

It's not just Abrams who has friends in high places. Kemp has also swung back at Abrams by saying that she is advocating for "illegals to vote" for her, which Abrams denies. "Like I said in that famous interview in 2013, white racists just have to die", the call concludes.

The poll, which had a margin of error of 3 percentage points, was the latest to suggest that the Election Day vote could end with Kemp and Abrams advancing to a December runoff if neither receives a majority of the vote. It said it was paid for by The Road to Power, a group organized by Scott Rhodes of Idaho, who has been linked to several other racist robocalls including a recent effort in Florida, where the Democrat Andrew Gillum would become the first black governor in his state's history. Unlike Lively, who opted for the look sans shirt, the media mogul went the more conservative route paring her suit with a Tory Burch "vote" shirt ($68). In 2013 he posted a photo on Instagram of he and his family with Winfrey, but the photo is labeled as occurring in her show's final week, when in fact it took place months earlier. She recalled generations of black Americans who faced "lynching. oppression. suppression", and declared that "their blood has seeped into my DNA" and forced her to the polls.

"Once I ran for office she diverged", Trump said as he was campaigning in Macon, Ga., on Sunday with Brian Kemp, who is running for Georgia governor. Actor Michael B. Jordan has knocked on doors in Atlanta urging black voters to turn out, and Actor and comedian Will Ferrell has also canvassed for Abrams' campaign. He then blasted Abrams' policy pitches on health care and education. "Are you voting for her?"

Winfrey and Abrams greet a crowd gathered for a town hall conversation in Marietta, Ga.

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