Former Obama Adviser: Dems May Retake House, But 'Blue Wave' Won't Happen

Live updates: Election Day to test Democratic resistance in Trump era

US midterm elections 2018 LIVE updates: Voting underway as Donald Trump faces litmus test

Republicans retained control of the Senate on Tuesday, ousting Democratic incumbents in IN and North Dakota and handing President Donald Trump a triumph by ensuring they will remain as guardians of his conservative agenda for two more years. Fueling their intensity has been Trump's anti-immigration rhetoric and policies, his efforts to dismantle health care protections enacted under President Barack Obama and the #MeToo movement's fury over sexual harassment.

Republicans automatically retain control of at least 42 of their Senate seats that are not up for election this year, so it will be hard but not impossible, for Democrats to win the majority.

In the Senate, Republican Mike Braun snatched the seat from Democratic Senator Joe Donnelly, but corruption scandal-tainted Senator Bob Menendez saved his seat for the Democrats in New Jersey. Though they also need to hold all their current seats, including some in states where Trump did well in 2016. Their candidate is the very high profile Beto O'Rourke and he's taking on the incumbent Republican Senator Ted Cruz.

Democrat Amy McGrath, a former Marine Corps fighter pilot, is running neck-and-neck against incumbent Republican Andy Barr in a House race in Kentucky, a state Trump won by 30 points. "Americans, by and large, like the idea of checks and balances under our constitution and our system, and with Republican House, Senate and White House, this is a feeling that this has gone out of whack". They need just 24 seats to win control.

At every rally, Trump has vowed to his supporters that they will "win, win, win". Bredesen had promised a bipartisan approach if elected and had won the endorsement of music star Taylor Swift. Another 35 Senate seats are in play, as are nearly 40 governorships and the balance of power in virtually every state legislature. Heitkamp was hurt late in her campaign by an ad that mistakenly named some women as victims of sexual abuse.

With the night only half over, it was shaping up precisely that way - and Democratic aspirations of an even more impressive breakthrough were beginning to fade away.

Tuesday's elections also tested the strength of a Trump-era political realignment defined by evolving divisions among voters by race, gender, and especially education.

"I like to tweet about the blue wave, but I don't think the blue wave's coming", Wolf said on "America's Newsroom", predicting that if Democrats do take the House it will be by 10 seats or less. Trump prevailed in IN by 19 points.

The early exit polls, according to CNN, indicated that 4 in 10 voters say health care is the most important problem facing the country, whereas 2 in 10 say the economy and immigration are their top issues.

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Stirring fear of foreigners and trumpeting American nationalism worked for Trump in his 2016 election victory against the Democrats' establishment candidate Hillary Clinton.

He's already appointed dozens, including two justices on the Supreme Court, and has many more in the pipeline that could influence the nation for decades after Trump completes his presidency. "And so this really was my opportunity to help this country in changing who is making the decisions".

Republicans have privately encouraged the president to back off, to no avail. "I don't think so", Trump said at a rally in Chattanooga, Tenn., invoking images of the caravans of Central American migrants moving slowly through Mexico. That was during Republican President Ronald Reagan's first term, when turnout among Democrats rose at twice the rate of increase among Republicans, according to Pew Research Center, resulting in a net gain of 26 seats for Democrats in the House. AP VoteCast also showed a majority of voters considered Trump a factor in their votes.

A sharply divided US electorate voted Tuesday to elect a new Congress and to render a midterm verdict on President Donald Trump, in a vote that could shift the balance of power in Washington and alter the next two years of Trump's presidency.

In other results, Vermont independent Sen.

Bernie Sanders and Massachusetts Democrat Elizabeth Warren were easily re-elected, the first of a batch of potential 2020 Democratic presidential hopefuls expected to win fresh Senate terms. Along with Sherrod Brown, a pro-labor lawmaker re-elected in OH, the four are considered potential 2020 Democratic presidential hopefuls.

Democrats will keep their majority on the Wake County Board of Commissioners.

Her Republican opponent Brian Kemp is Georgia's Secretary of State and oversees the state's electoral system.

While Trump is not on the ballot, the most polarizing USA president for decades has put himself at the center of every issue. Democrats will also be able to halt many items on Trump's legislative agenda, border wall funding, and a new middle-class tax cut.

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