Michigan Voters Legalize Marijuana

Source New Cannabis Ventures

Source New Cannabis Ventures

MI became the 10th USA state to legalize recreational pot use, according to CNN and advocates.

North Dakota's Measure 3, which would have made it legal for anyone over the age of 21 to use the drug, was losing by a margin of 60 percent to 40 percent with 357 out of 424 precincts reporting, according to the secretary of state's website.

MI voters have approved the legalization of recreational marijuana. Within a residence, adults will be permitted to grow up to twelve marijuana plants and/or possess up to ten ounces of marijuana.

Utah voters also chose to legalize medical use of marijuana for people with qualifying illnesses, with about 56 per cent in favour and almost half of the state's polls reporting.

MI now joins nine other states that have legalized marijuana for all uses: Washington, Colorado, California, Oregon, Alaska, Massachusetts, Maine, Nevada and Vermont. MI is now the 10th state to legalize marijuana for adults 21 and older. On a more municipal level, voters in various cities across OH weighed questions related to decriminalization and minimizing punishments so that possession is treated like a traffic ticket instead of a misdemeanor.

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Proposal 1 allows marijuana to be regulated like alcohol.

Change several current violations from crimes to civil infractions. The initiative requires all marijuana and marijuana products to be tested for safety and includes strict tracking requirements to ensure that marijuana is not diverted into the unregulated market.

"Voters Not Politicians and our thousands of volunteers will be monitoring the implementation process and assisting MI officials in bringing the independent citizens commission to fruition in accordance with the will of voters", Voters Not Politicians board president Nancy Wang said in a statement overnight. The state will have strong regulations in place to ensure businesses are not marketing to children.

Voters in MI voted for Proposal 1, which legalizes recreational marijuana and regulates it like alcohol. Supporters say it will raise roughly $130 million in additional tax revenue each year that will go toward road repairs, schools and local governments.

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