Democrats must do more than Trump-bashing if they want to win

Donald Trump

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But several of those states contain key races that will offer the first indications on whether Democrats have the momentum to take the House or if Republicans are performing more strongly than expected.

The election saw all 435 seats in the House of Representatives and 35 of 100 in the Senate up for grabs, as well as 36 governorships, many of those state races toss-ups according to the polls.

For Democrats, gaining the 23 seats needed to win control of the House will likely mean flipping several upscale suburban districts with large numbers of college graduates.

There are, however, also many points of probable conflict between Trump and the next House: Democrats are likely to launch investigations into numerous aspects of the Trump administration, from its ties to Russian Federation to the president's tax returns, as well as to step up oversight into Trump's executive actions on immigration, the environment and other regulations.

Republicans are expected to retain their slight majority in the U.S. Senate, now at two seats, which would let them retain the power to approve U.S. Supreme Court and other judicial nominations. "In short, should the Democrats take the House, we can expect more policy gridlock and the revelation of more political scandals", Brown said.

Democrats hoped their supporters' would surge to the polls.

"The midterm elections used to be, like, boring", Trump told a crowd in Cleveland, Ohio, on Monday.

Early indications would appear to support this.

Municipal and judicial elections were also on the ballot.

At a polling station in Arlington, Virginia, head election officer William Harkins said: "it's a very good turnout".

Trump has played an outsized role in shaping the Republicans' national message ahead of Tuesday, repeatedly pushing illegal immigration to the forefront - at times at the expense of a less controversial economic message. "I just love the deregulation and I just want to keep everything moving, because I'm loving it".

Le'Veon Bell back in Pittsburgh but no word on meeting team
Also, if you're really finding the time to figure out what I'm saying, you've proved my point. Bell tweeted on Monday that he was leaving Miami , the place where he's.

Trump spent the day at the White House, tweeting, making calls, monitoring the races and meeting with his political team.

The most important elections concern Congress as it is the national legislative body responsible for passing laws on everything from immigration to the economy.

Fifty-eight of voters said the country is headed in the wrong direction, compared with 41 percent who said it is on the right track, according to a nationwide survey conducted in all 50 states for The Associated Press and Fox News.

On Tuesday night, he called to congratulate Pelosi and acknowledged her plea for bipartisanship, the leader's spokesman said.

Senator Bob Menendez of New Jersey beat Republican challenger Bob Hugin to win a third term, after the incumbent had been reprimanded by a Senate ethics panel after corruption charges were dismissed following a mistrial.

South Florida voters cast their ballots at a polling center in Miami, Florida on November 6, 2018.

Staring down the potential loss of one-party control in Washington, President Donald Trump declared Tuesday's election results a "tremendous success" for Republicans as his party maintained its hold on the Senate while Democrats picked up GOP-held seats in the House. The results will start coming in shortly after the voting concludes. Victories in contested races across Florida, New York, Virginia, Pennsylvania and Minnesota gave them cause for optimism.

Hillary Clinton, the 2016 Democratic presidential candidate, said it was time for Americans to say "enough" after two years of watching the Trump administration "attack and undermine our democratic institutions and values". "Now, listen, I know for a fact none of us ran to make history, we ran to make change".

Carol Harvey, a McLean resident who says she always votes for Democrats, stressed the importance of this year's election, saying that "it's critical, Republicans aren't normal". Democrats also captured governorships in MI and IL. Despite the conventional wisdom that the President should have campaigned on strong jobs and wage growth, Trump has successfully pounded away at Democrats' support of sanctuary cities and the Central American caravans moving toward the U.S border as a wedge issue to speak to the concerns of suburban women in seven tight U.S. Senate races. The Republicans have a majority in the House with 235 congresspeople to 193 Democrats.

"We will have a responsibility to find our common ground where we can, stand our ground where we can't", Pelosi said.

Carol Reynolds, 83, described herself as a former Republican as she cast her ballot in Laguna Beach. I really think it's more than just about a specific issue. He frequently invoked his upset win in 2016 and tried to recapture that energy in his final rallies, at times relegating the candidates he had traveled to endorse to supporting actors in the theater of a Trump rally.

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