Republican Ron DeSantis defeats Andrew Gillum in Florida gubernatorial race

Misfire’ MSNBC Airs Fake Graphic Showing Andrew Gillum Winning Florida Vote			Screenshots MSNBC Arr BNN		6 Nov 2018

Misfire’ MSNBC Airs Fake Graphic Showing Andrew Gillum Winning Florida Vote Screenshots MSNBC Arr BNN 6 Nov 2018

Republican Rep. Ron DeSantis, a staunch ally of President Trump, won the race for Florida governor on Tuesday.

Gillum fell short in his bid to become Florida's first African-American governor.

Democrats picked up governorships in Kansas and at least three other USA states on Tuesday but failed to win high-profile races in Florida and OH, as voters cast ballots in three dozen gubernatorial contests across the country.

The race was among the most watched in the U.S. midterms, with Trump throwing his weight behind DeSantis and Gillum endorsed by former Democratic president Barack Obama and former presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. The day after Gillum won the Democratic primary, DeSantis said Florida voters shouldn't "monkey this up" by electing Gillum.

But Republican Mike DeWine defeated Democrat Richard Cordray in OH, one of the highest-profile governor's races, according to an NBC News projection.

Late Tuesday night, Gillum conceded while trailing by 1-point with 99% of the vote counted. Hill, who owns a home in Florida and is registered to vote there, flew back to the state from California on October 21 in order to vote for Democratic gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum in the 2018 midterm elections, as she revealed on social media.

DeSantis stumbled out of the gate after winning the August 28 primary, telling Fox News that voters shouldn't "monkey this up" by electing Gillum, who was Florida's first black nominee for governor.

Andrew Gillum, Democratic nominee for governor of Florida, conceded to Republican Ron DeSantis shortly before 11 p.m. on election night.

Republicans Score Major Upsets in Florida
In fact, during his victory speech that night in Orlando, one of his first remarks was, "Thank you, Mr. Meanwhile, DeSantis' campaign was plagued by actions some perceived as racist.

"So is it a red state?"

"I don't think you can ever win the election with these words: 'I'm going to raise taxes.' I didn't advise him".

While much of focus of the elections on Tuesday was on which party would win control of the U.S. Congress, Republicans and Democrats were battling across the country for state-level power, which could have a major impact on issues such as congressional redistricting and healthcare. Additionally, his campaign cut ties with a volunteer during the final weeks of the race, after the volunteer was caught on video calling Florida a "cracker" state and saying the campaign was taking advantage of "white guilt".

The gubernatorial race was a study in contrasts: a straight-talking, unapologetically progressive, black nominee running against a Tea Party figure who released a campaign ad in which his young children built Trump's fabled border wall out of toy bricks.

"Other than serving in the military, becoming the 46th governor of the great state of Florida is the greatest professional honor of my life", DeSantis said.

Scott's win also gives Florida two Republican senators for the first time in more than a century, since the post-Civil War Reconstruction era.

More people in Broward voted for the state's commissioner of agriculture, chief financial officer and attorney general positions than they did for the Senate, according to the preliminary county results.

Despite all the hype surrounding Gillum, he failed to gain as many votes as his senatorial counterpart, incumbent Democrat Sen.

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