McConnell suggests he could work with Democrats on drug prices

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Election Results 2018: Here are the Midterm Races Still Too Close to Call for House, Senate and Governor

Pending final results - astonishingly, counting can take weeks in California - it appears Democrats have gained 30 to 35 seats, for a total of around 230.

"I am so honoured to share both the ballot and the stage with the many visionary, bold women who have raised their hand to run for public office", said Ayanna Pressley, who became the first black woman elected to Congress from MA.

Asked about it on Monday, Mr Trump replied stiffly: "I don't care".

This doesn't close the door on bipartisanship.

"We are going to have to ruthlessly prioritise because there is so much that has gone wrong", Democrat Adam Schiff, who is expected to become chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, said ahead of the election.

Democrats laid out their goals for a divided government Wednesday, saying they want to work with the president on prescription drug reform and infrastructure investment. "I think it's important for our oversight to get those tax returns".

"I remember when we tried it in the late '90s". But she added, "Where we can not, we must stand our ground". The question is, will these leaders go there? If her colleagues back her - and many ran their campaigns on the promise not to - it would be the second time she wields the gavel, making her the most powerful woman in Washington.

Pelosi points to her work with President George W. Bush on a major energy bill, even as she vigorously opposed him on the war in Iraq. This trend was more than a coastal fad.

That's a fair description of this week's offyear elections - and of those in 1982, the last time voters paired a Republican president with a Democratic House and a Republican Senate. He said Republicans "dramatically outperformed historical precedents".

And in the Midwest a onetime Somali refugee, Ilhan Omar, and Rashida Tlaib, who is the daughter of Palestinian immigrants, shared the historic distinction of becoming the first two Muslim women elected to the US Congress.

Meanwhile, Democratic gains in Republican strongholds are widely interpreted as an impassioned rejection of Trump's agenda and style.

The most recent voter data confirms polls following previous elections showing that the more religious a voter, the more likely they will support a Republican candidate, while the less religious will overwhelmingly tend to vote Democrat. "It's about new faces".

U.S. court halts construction of Keystone XL oil pipeline
Trump's decision to sign the permit for the Canada-to-Texas pipeline shortly upon taking office did not have a sufficient basis. Trump, a Republican, said the project would lower consumer fuel prices, create jobs and reduce USA dependence on foreign oil.

He has quietly (not by his design) achieved many of his campaign goals despite being sucked into constant warfare with a baiting media and leading Democrats aligned with #NeverTrumpers who will #NeverbeHappy due to their belief that a heathen has invaded the White House.

"There are lot of conversations happening with a lot of people from a lot of different caucuses that we have that are thinking about it", Ryan said, adding that he had no intention of challenging Pelosi as he did in 2016.

"Democracy can't exist in the dark", a male narrator says in the ad.

Democrats also captured a handful of state legislative chambers, although they still significantly trail the GOP in that arena.

Mr Trump has long felt aggrieved by the special counsel's investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. "I think he's doing an excellent job but we will take a look at that in a very strong - and we'll probably have an idea about that in about a week", Trump told reporters.

About as many said they were at least somewhat concerned about men not being given the opportunity to defend themselves against allegations of sexual misconduct. Angry Democrats, and a good number of voters unaffiliated with either party, turned out to vote against him in large numbers.

Trump managed his victory in Pennsylvania by driving up turnout in rural areas - but it's unclear whether that will be enough in 2020 with the suburbs apparently energized. But will Pelosi and her peers be able to resist the enormous pressure that will come from their base? But he put out a statement Wednesday that said: "This week's election results don't change the circumstances in farm country".

Congressional Democrats were alarmed by the move.

Shortly thereafter, however, it was announced that Attorney General Jeff Sessions had been forced out. And she said Mr. Whitaker "should recuse himself from any involvement in Mueller's investigations", given his "threats" to weaken the probe. You shouldn't be working for CNN.

"President Trump has paid no political price for taking a tough line on China", he said.

That's the way Mr. Farnsworth sees it. His people will still be running the federal government according to his policies. The bipartisan version that won easy Senate approval does not, and few Senate Republicans want them.

And get ready for 2020.

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