NBA Wins Election Day With Phenomenal New All-Star Game Feature

2018 NBA All Star Game

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A firm date for the televised draft has not yet been established, but January 30 or January 31 have emerged as two potential targets for a TNT broadcast, according to the people, who were not authorized to discuss the plans publicly.

The NBA introduced a new All-Star Game format past year, in which a pair of captains drafted their teams based on which players were voted to the game by fans. That pool of players is then drafted by the two captains.

Last season, LeBron James led all vote-getters with more than 2.6 million votes - slightly ahead of Milwaukee Bucks star Giannis Antetokounmpo, who had the second most All-Star votes of any player in the league. The NBPA said the decision to not televise was because there wasn't a consensus among the players who could be affected.

A year ago was the first time the National Basketball Association used a draft process to fill out the All-Star squads.

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Everyone wanted it televised... well not Carmelo Anthony or Stephen Curry.

This should have been televised a year ago, but better than late than never.

After the teams were announced, LeBron, Steph and others around the league said they hoped the league would televise the draft in 2019. I don't think it'll be bad. Depending on who represents the East this year as the captain, James, Curry or another West All-Star could be in for an wonderful event when it's time to pick teams.

The 2019 All-Star game is in Curry's hometown of Charlotte, which could lend him to getting more votes. This is the right way to play an All-Star game with the Western Conference just way better than the East.

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