Attorneys General Call For Whitaker Recusal From Mueller Investigation

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Fears for Russia probe as Trump fires Jeff Sessions

Organizers say the naming of Whitaker as Acting Attorney General is a "deliberate attempt to obstruct the special counsel's investigation".

Miller defied the subpoena in May, was later held in civil contempt, and filed a lawsuit alleging that Mueller's appointment violated the U.S. Constitution and also that Rosenstein had no authority to hire him.

Trump defended Whitaker's appointment as acting attorney general despite failing to get Senate confirmation, noting that Mueller was never confirmed by the Senate, either.

While he still led the government ethics office, Shaub a year ago advised the Justice Department to require Sessions' recusal from the Mueller probe because Sessions had been a senior adviser to Trump during the election campaign.

Whitaker will now oversee the investigation of interference from Russian Federation in the 2016 presidential elections as well as possible collusion with the campaign of President Trump, a controversial probe headed by former FBI chief Robert Mueller.

Those include an op-ed in which he said Mueller would be straying outside his mandate if he investigated Trump family finances and a talk radio interview in which he maintained that there was no evidence of collusion between the Kremlin and the Trump campaign.

"It is just un-American", she said. Whitaker did, however, believe that Sessions had no choice but to recuse himself from the matter, the person said. Reuters was not able to confirm the report. Whitaker felt Mueller would focus on his job, regardless.

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Rosenstein has been overseeing the Mueller probe after Sessions recused himself from the investigation, but a Department of Justice spokeswoman said Whitaker would be "in charge of all matters under the purview" of the DOJ.

The demonstrations were launched nationwide in response to Attorney General Jeff Sessions' resignation at the request of President Donald Trump, who replaced him with Sessions' chief of staff Matt Whitaker, who has a history of being critical of the investigation.

Walter Shaub, who was director of the U.S. Office of Government Ethics for four years before resigning in July 2017, said the friendship between Whitaker and Clovis should disqualify Whitaker from supervising the Mueller investigation.

"He was very, very highly thought of, and still is highly thought of, but this only comes up because anybody that works for me, they do a number on them", Trump said. Officials there have said Whitaker will follow the regular procedure in handling any ethics issues that arise.

Mueller has not publicly identified any of the targets of his investigation. He's said repeatedly it's going to be allowed to finish.

But there has also been speculation Trump could try to kill or suppress the 18 month-old probe, pressing his view that Mueller leads a team staffed by Democrats operating under an illegal mandate.

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