United Kingdom minister Jo Johnson resigns over Brexit

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Jo Johnson’s resignation shocked Westminster

But while Jo Johnson called Theresa May's Brexit strategy "a failure of British statecraft unseen since the Suez crisis" and being bound by European Union rules with no say a "never-ending purgatory", he mocked his brother's suggestion that a no deal Brexit would be a realistic option, adding: "inflicting such serious economic and political harm on the country will leave an indelible impression of incompetence in the minds of the public".

He labelled Theresa May's Brexit plans as "delusional" and said they put the country at the brink of the greatest crisis since World War Two.

'I think this is so important that it's up to MPs to take a stand, ' Mr Johnson, the brother of Boris Johnson, told BBC Radio.

This is despite the fact he reportedly wrote the 2015 election manifesto for the Tory party promising to "honour the result of the [2016] referendum, whatever the outcome".

"The "new" idea of a United Kingdom customs arrangement does not appear to be a genuinely UK-wide offer but a GB offer and an NI offer badged as one - Northern Ireland in THE EU customs territory and GB in A customs union".

"The referendum in 2016 was the biggest democratic exercise in this country's history", the spokesman said.

"We may or may not be able to get an agreement in which case we would have to leave the European Union without one, but we're not going to be bounced into having another referendum", he said. He accused the PM of offering a choice between "vassalage and chaos" and called for a second referendum now that the reality of Brexit had become clearer.

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Cabinet ministers have been visiting 10 Downing St this week to see details of the government's plan for the "divorce deal" and subsequent trading and customs relationship with the EU. Amid a Brexit process that has been characterised by shameful dissimulation at the highest levels of the British state, Mr Johnson should be applauded for his honesty.

After detailing his decision to quit in a blog post, he told the Daily Mail: "It is a fake fudge". But we're signing up to the common rule book on standards and health and safety, the environment and all the rest of it.

Johnson - who had backed staying in the bloc in the 2016 referendum - is the younger brother of Boris Johnson, who spearheaded the pro-Brexit campaign and quit as foreign secretary in July over May's Brexit blueprint.

In a tweet, Boris said he had "boundless admiration" for his brother and that they are "united in dismay" at the indefensibility of May's position even though they disagree over Brexit.

The resignation came as Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said that Brexit can not be stopped.

"The referendum took place. What we can do is recognise the reasons why people voted Leave".

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