Detective Pikachu: Ryan Reynolds shines in first trailer

Video: The Pokémon Detective Pikachu Movie's First Official Trailer Has Landed

Ryan Reynolds as Pikachu in First 'Pokémon Detective Pikachu' Trailer

Detective Pikachu is based off the Nintendo 3DS game of the same name, which received a worldwide release earlier this year after an early version appeared in Japan back in 2016.

The first live-action Pokemon movie was announced Monday with a trailer and none other than Ryan Reynolds voicing the iconic Pokemon, Pikachu.

Get excited 90s kids, because Pokemon is back... this time in the form of a live-action movie starring Hollywood heartthrob Ryan Reynolds! Pictures and The Pokemon Company have officially released the first full-length trailer for to promote the forthcoming film's theatrical release in 2019.

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"I think we all knew I'd wind up as a miniature detective repeatedly saying the same two words". "Just didn't think it'd be this soon". He teams up with the fuzzy yellow Pokemon, a "hilariously wise-cracking, adorable super-sleuth", for the investigation. Also included in the cast are Billionaire Boys Club actress Suki Waterhouse, Rita Ora of the Fifty Shades film series, and the legendary Japanese actor Ken Watanabe.

The Detective Pikachu trailer suggests the film is built around one particular detective, Tim Goodman, (Justice Smith) having the ability to actually talk to Pikachu.

Wildly unbelievable though it may be, the Detective Pikachu movie is definitely a real thing that is coming to cinemas.

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