Fallout 76 Launches Live on PC Ahead of Schedule

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In a newly published letter, Bethesda thanked fans for participating in the Fallout 76 beta tests over the last couple of weeks.

These didn't run for long periods of time but did include almost all the base content which will be available on release day. We've just logged into servers from the USA west coast and the United Kingdom, and we're seeing reports from players around the globe that they've been able to start playing as well. Head here for the PC version, here for the PS4 disc, and here for Xbox One.

For those in the United Kingdom, the Fallout 76 release time has been set for one minute after midnight on November 14.

First, the game's beta started deleting itself - that's pretty bad, then PC players discovered the game's physics were tied to its frame rate.

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PC players expressed a need for push-to-talk functionality to come to Fallout 76.

The good news for players on the West Coast is that they will be able to jump in at 9:01 PDT on November 13.

A big warning for those hoping for a smooth launch, there's a good chance of being dumped out or facing further disruption. Howard added that overall, "there are some elementary ways we create our games and that will continue because that lets us be efficient and we think it works best". Reinforcing that notion is the fact that the game doesn't make obvious that it is playable; it still displays a message in-game which reads, "We'll see you for launch day on Wednesday, November 14"; however, pressing Play will nevertheless load the game.

"And this is just the beginning". Now, with the release date fast-approaching, Bethesda has revealed taste of what Fallout 76 will look like after future updates.

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