Trump could soon fire Homeland Security Secretary Nielsen

Report: Kirstjen Nielsen Ousted From WH

Trump Preparing to Oust Homeland Security Secretary, Post Says

President Donald Trump made a decision to fire Mira Ricardel, the deputy national security adviser who has feuded with key members of Trump's administration including the first lady's office, a White House official said.

Ricardel was still in the White House Tuesday, the Journal reported.

Melania Trump's beef with Ricardel stems from the first lady's trip to Africa last month when her staff clashed with the adviser over things like plane seating and requests to use National Security Council resources, the Wall Street Journal reported.

CNN reported that a White House official accused Ricardel of being dishonest about the feud and subsequently leaking stories to try to cover her behavior.

She also clashed with Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis, according to reports, and was rumored to be behind rumors of his departure.

She reportedly discussed the issue with the president during their recent trip to Paris, during which Trump told his wife he would have Ricardel removed.

Trump is reportedly considering firing Kelly, along with Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, according to multiple reports this week.

In an extraordinary move, Melania Trump called publicly Tuesday for the deputy national security adviser to be dismissed.

The dispute made it hard for Ricardel to land in a top post in the Trump administration, though she was ultimately tapped for the position of undersecretary of commerce for export administration.

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The sources said Ms Trump explicitly asked the President to oust Ms Ricardel.

Mrs. Trump is very protective of her husband and is considered to be an influential adviser, as many first ladies have been with their spouses.

As of Tuesday afternoon, Ricardel still worked at the White House, a senior administration official told Task & Purpose.

Reports surfaced late on Monday that Trump was preparing to remove Nielsen, a close ally of Kelly's with whom the president has grown frustrated over immigration enforcement.

Trump canceled a planned trip with Nielsen this week to visit US troops at the border in south Texas and told aides over the weekend he wants her out as soon as possible, these officials said.

Mr. Trump forced out Jeff Sessions as attorney general the day after the midterm elections.

Even the host noted he's not clear how anyone can avoid the first lady "throwing shade on a sitting deputy national security official".

She got into heated discussions with Trump and White House aides several times over immigration, as she sought to explain the complicated legal challenges behind immigration law and push for a more diplomatic approach.

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