NASA's Mars lander to touch down in five days

NASA officially announces landing site of Mars 2020 rover, and it’s incredibly interesting

NASA Picks Landing Spot for 2020 Mars Rover

InSight's entry, descent and landing (EDL) team, based at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California, along with another part of the team at Lockheed Martin Space in Denver, have pre-programmed the spacecraft to perform a specific sequence of activities to make this possible. Like Curiosity, Mars 2020 would be lowered to the surface from a rocket-powered "Sky Crane" platform, which NASA says is the safest way to land a 1-ton payload.

InSight's success does not depend on MarCO being able to relay communications.

Launching a probe to Mars took place on 5 may, 2018 with the help of the rocket Atlas V. Without consideration of the cost of the rocket and costs for partners, the mission cost about $500 million. The InSight Mission will be Nasa's first Mars landing since 2012, and will be watched live by millions worldwide.

Attendees will have the chance to have live conversations with scientists from Nasa about the landing and the wider mission.

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'Keeping in mind our ambitious goal to eventually send humans to the surface of the Moon and then Mars, I know that our incredible science and engineering team - the only in the world to have successfully landed spacecraft on the Martian surface - will do everything they can to successfully land InSight on the Red Planet'. It'll also have experiments to test technologies that future astronauts will need, such as producing oxygen from Mars' thin carbon-dioxide atmosphere, and the equipment that's needed to extract and store samples for future missions to pick up. "This is important for understanding the similarities and differences between Earth, Mars, and other rocky planets", Dr. Sean McMahon, a geobiologist from the University of Edinburg, was quoted as saying.

However, InSight has a stronger parachute, better avionics, and an improved heat shield - which is created to take a beating from possible dust storms - to help counter these challenges. It also has seismometer and thermometer in order to measure the frequency and magnitude of marsquakes. The the only country to have missions that have survived a Mars landing. NASA hopes to use this information to draw new comparisons between the interiors of Earth and the red planet. "We may learn more about what kinds of planets can harbour life".

Astronomy enthusiasts, students, scientists and the general public are encouraged to attend the event by registering online in advance, and collecting access cards from the Library.

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