Texas family's Christmas Vacation-inspired holiday display sparks panic

This ‘Clark Griswold’ Christmas decoration has people calling 911

‘Christmas Vacation’ inspired holiday decor prompts calls to 911

Holiday decorations at one Texas home has led to a bunch of 911 calls.

The Heerlein family in Austin had decked out their home as a tribute to "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation", complete with a mannequin dressed as Chevy Chase charter Clark Griswold hanging from the roof.

The family said they put the display up for a contest.

In the video, which was obtained by "Good Morning America", the passerby is seen moving the ladder to get what he thinks is a person down from the gutter.

"Oh mister, please hold on!" the man says while trying to move a ladder that serves as part of the display.

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For some people the display looked a little too realistic because someone rushed to help thinking it was a real person - they even called 911 along with about a dozen other people.

Austin police quickly determined the person in danger was actually a dummy.

'He was doing everything he could to get the ladder and save Clark, ' Wheless said to ABC.

Passerby Alfred Norwood Jr was recorded on the family's surveillance cameras trying to rescue the dummy last week.

Chris Heerlein, the man behind the decoration, and his sister-in-law Leah Wheless, tracked Mr Norwood down after the incident and gave him a gift card for his troubles. "Except when I started talking to him, he never said nothing!" the passerby told KVUE. Once that failed, Alfred frantically yelled, "HELP!" to cars driving by and then called 911.

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