Epic tries to blow off some Steam with its Epic Games Store

Epic Games to undercut Valve with own PC games store

Epic Games is launching an Android game store in 2019 with 88% revenue share

The store will initially launch on PC and Mac and will eventually also be available on Android and other "open platforms" in 2019. The Epic Games Store will have a universal revenue split of 88% for all developers with "no tiers or thresholds".

Google normally takes a 30% cut from the third-party developers' app revenues.

Epic Games, developers of titles such as Unreal Tournament, Gears of War and more recently, Fortnite, has announced that it's launching its own online game store where other developers can sell their games.

For PC Games, steam is one of the largest stores now available. Obviously, this will benefit all the developers that are now using Unreal Engine 4 in order to create their games and Epic shared the following image in order to give us an idea of what it will be charging. On top of that, if the title uses Epic's Unreal Engine, then Epic will cover 5% of the royalty for using the engine out of that 12%.

One thing that Epic will be adding is the ability to Support-A-Creator. Games that generate between $10 million and $50 million in revenue will only see 25% of that revenue taken by Valve.

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Epic's Nick Chester would later tell fans that the big Game Awards announcement wasn't linked to Season 7.

The launch date and precise line-up of games is yet to be revealed, but Sweeney said that the Epic Games Store would "start small", but seek a competitive advantage by funding developers in return for exclusivity - similar to the business model adopted by games console companies. Better digital storefronts are desperately needed.

Steam is a massive platform and it's hard to imagine Epic will wipe it out completely, but they're making the right steps to counter Valve's goliath sales machine. Even the refund system is a step above what we're used to seeing on the digital plane, offering a 14-day return policy with no-questions-asked.

Creative will be a greatly expanded version of the existing Playground mode and allows you to build your own levels and create your own mini-games, in what sounds like nod to fellow child-friendly games such as Minecraft and Roblox. It's no secret the Play Store is absolutely stagnant when it comes to discovery, with the majority of releases taking a backseat to the many large developers conveniently provided all of the prominent real estate. Let us know in the comments! Do you think it'll be able to compete with Steam?

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