House GOP Campaign Committee Says Its Emails Were Hacked

House Republican emails were hacked during 2018 midterms- report

US Capitol Washington DC

According to Politico, four staffers at the National Republican Congressional Committee fell victim to a major email hack prior to the 2018 elections, but officials chose not to disclose the situation in order to conduct an investigation into the matter.

"The NRCC can confirm that it was the victim of a cyber intrusion by an unknown entity", Ian Prior, a vice president at Mercury, told Politico.

The NRCC's well-known cybersecurity contractor, CrowdStrike, did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Politico reported that the NRCC's chief legal counsel Chris Winkelman spent a lot of time on the matter and brought on two Washington law firms to assist in coordinating the NRCC's response.

"News of this hack-which was not released for months-makes it clear Republicans ignored election security at their own peril", Thompson said.

Campaign officials for the US Republican Party had their email accounts hacked ahead of this year's mid-term elections, it has emerged.

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Although it is unclear who was behind the hack, several officials privately believe it may have been the work of foreign hackers. Claire McCaskill, the Missouri Democrat who lost a re-election bid in November. The FBI later said that the Russians had targeted more than 300 people affiliated with the Hillary Clinton campaign and other Democratic institutions over the course of the presidential contest. The hacked emails were published by WikiLeaks.

Democratic lawmakers saw their cellphone numbers splashed online and voting databases for all 50 states had some type of intrusion attempt, although only a few were compromised. There was no evidence any votes were altered.

NRCC officials said that while thousands of emails were compromised, they insisted that no donor information was exposed, and the organization was never threatened with the information being leaked to the public.

In October, the Justice Department unsealed criminal charges detailing a yearslong effort by a Russian troll farm to "sow division and discord in the USA political system" by creating thousands of false social media profiles and email accounts that appeared to be from people inside the United States.

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