Google kills Allo sooner than it will kill(?) Hangouts

Google confirms Allo will shutdown in March - news

Google Lays Out Messaging Plans, Including the Fate of Allo and...

However, the company has confirmed the chat app will continue to work till March 2019 and the users will be able to export their chat conversation history till the said time-frame. With little staff assigned to work on Allo, and very small amount of consumer adoption for Google's instant messaging service there's little reason to keep it around. Initially released in the year 2016 on 21st September, the app couldn't gain much of popularity and Google has stopped investing in it from April this year. Moreover, the American-tech giant had also lost its Allo lead - Amit Fulay to Facebook earlier this year in January. Google is working hard on carrier support for RCS, so it comes up to par with Apple's iMessages.

Google admits that Allo hasn't proved as successful as it hoped, with Anil Sabharwal, VP of Product at Google, having revealed that it holds fewer than 50 million users, so the closure doesn't come as a complete shock.

Update: Google has confirmed in a blog post that it will shut down Allo by March 2019. On the other hand, Google's video calling app Duo has been doing fairly well, and the completely doesn't plan to stop development on it. In this case, many of Allos features were ported to Android Messages, the default SMS and soon-to-be RCS client on Android phones.

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"Given Messages' continued momentum, we've chose to stop supporting Allo to focus on Messages", the company added. The company promises they will continue to improve the service with features that utilize machine learning.

As for Hangouts, the venerable chat app that launched with Google+, the company basically confirmed it would go away at some point last week, with users being "upgraded" to the Hangouts Chat and Hangouts Meet services now available for businesses. "We're fully committed to supporting Hangouts users in the meantime", wrote Klainer. These are mainly focused on team collaboration for G Suite customers and will be available for Hangout users also.

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