Named best apps for Android in 2018

Cheetah Mobile Dismisses Importance of Google Removing Its App

Google Announces Google Play's "Best of 2018" Awards

This is for the first time when Google has added the "fan favourite" category, giving users a chance to vote for their favourite game and application.

The Beijing-based company, a top mobile internet provider in China, said this morning that its CM File Manager app had been temporarily suspended by Google Play. That said, Google's position as the creator of Android-and the developer of dozens of iOS apps-puts the company in a much better position to address the needs developers realistically face every day, compared to frameworks such as Apache Cordova.

Since its launch in beta last February, Flutter has been used by early adopters to create hundreds of attractive applications.

Both developers can consider appealing to Google to restore their app services.

Flutter 1.0 arrived this week (Dec. 4) more than three years since Google introduced it.

Second Captain Marvel trailer released
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Flutter can be used to build new apps from scratch, but also to improve existing apps.

Undoubtedly, PUBG Mobile is the best game of the year and Drops: Learn 31 new languages is the best app of the year.

"Additionally, Flutter's use of the Dart programming language makes Flutter significantly faster than alternative cross-platform toolkits (or, feasibly, programs developed without the use of said toolkits.) Google touts it as "[being] able to support glitch-free, jank-free graphics at the native speed of your device", and compiling to native 32 or 64-bit ARM code for iOS and Android. At this stage apparently the app does very little, requiring a server-side switch most likely. Developers can overlay the animations with text, graphical layers and user interface widgets, he said.

This process, known as app install attribution, was targeted by both Chinese firms.

As Flutter has moved to version 1.0, a "stable" channel, it will be updated less often than other channels but should include more high-quality, battle-tested builds, boosted by quarterly updates. Google has also made available a bunch of resources for developers who're new to Flutter, including code labs, common samples and technical videos. "As with any new developer offering, it will now have to prove itself in practice and demonstrate the acceleration savings it promises for mobile app creation", he added.

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