Potentially risky infant ibuprofen sold at Walmart, CVS and Family Dollar


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Tris said there is a "remote possibility" a higher level of ibuprofen could lead to permanent kidney damage in babies.

They were sold at Family Dollar, Walmart and CVS.

Infant ibuprofen that could be found at stores here in the valley is being recalled.

A drug maker based in New Jersey is recalling three lots of infant ibuprofen sold as a concentrated oral suspension at three nationwide retailers. Other adverse effects may include nausea, vomiting, pain below the ribs in the upper abdomen and diarrhea.

08/19, while the recalled lot from Family Dollar is 00717024A with an expiration date of 08/19.

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According to the label, the ibuprofen - meant to be used as a pain reliever or fever reducer - contained 50 mg per 1.25 mL.

CVS offers it under the "CVS Health" label, with the recalled products bearing the NCD number 59779-925-23 and the lot number 00717024A. At CVS, the recalled lot is 00717024A (expiry 08/19).

"Tris Pharma Inc. has notified its customer by urgent recall notice and is arranging for the return of the recalled product", the company statement said. The company said it sent the ibuprofen to one distributor and has contacted them to let them know about the announcement.

Customers experiencing problems with the medication should contact their doctors or health-care providers, according to a statement.

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