Prince William and Kate thank British troops in Cyprus

Kate Middleton visits military base reveals Prince louis is learning to wave

Kate greeted young well-wishers during her walkabout

Or maybe not? Kate Middleton recently revealed that her husband, the future king, is prone to some rather less civilized eating habits at home - at least when he's eating alone.

Meeting the troops in Cyprus, the Duke and Duchess delivered presents directly from the children to their parents in 11 Squadron, in what servicemen jokingly described as the "worst kept secret" in town after they read about the party in the newspapers this morning.

Spotting the bright yellow couches in the room, William teased the men to "keep the pizza off the sofas!" "William and I, however, hope that today shows, in some small way, how much you are all valued".

Kate and William seemed relaxed and happy as they mingled with RAF personnel yesterday.

And as she did her part in handing out gifts in the sergeant's mess, the duchess was heard joking that their parcel service "really was royal mail". According to HOLA! USA's sister brand HELLO!'s royal reporter Emily Nash, "Kate told one well-wisher how Prince Louis is learning to wave" - big sister Princess Charlotte, three, is already a pro!

Kate Middleton visits military base reveals Prince louis is learning to wave
William and the Duchess helped spread holiday cheer at the military base

Prince William jokingly crowned wife Kate Middleton the Queen of Christmas.

In a rare move of addressing rumours, the Kensington Palace has dismissed rumours of an alleged argument between Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton.

The 36-year-old was asked at a public appearance at Leicester University if she was excited about the Duchess of Sussex and her new baby.

While Kate has previously worn dark skinny jeans and jeggings on royal engagements, this is believed to be the first time she has ever donned suit pants during an official royal engagement.

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