Google Kills Allo In Latest Attempt To Fix Its Terrible Messaging Strategy

Farewell to Allo


Up next for the app are "more quality improvements based on machine learning that make video calls with Duo simple and reliable".

As first reported by 9to5Google, the search giant's "smart" messaging app - which came equipped with Google Assistant - will be shutting down soon.

Still, it's hard to ignore the difficulties Google has had launching a consumer messaging app throughout the history of the company. Basically, Google is trying to push Google Duo and instead of having multiple similar apps, they are binding all customers into one. Google also at one point left some people wondering if Allo would be the intended successor to Google Hangouts' consumer usage, though of course that is being sunset, too. Initially released in the year 2016 on 21st September, the app couldn't gain much of popularity and Google has stopped investing in it from April this year.

After the rumours of Allo being killed off surfaced yesterday, Google has confirmed the death knell for the messaging service saying it will "continue to work through March 2019".

And most of all, why is Google abandoning its own instant message service in Allo and Hangouts for a carrier-driven ball of confusion? - Given Messages continued momentum, weve chose to stop supporting Allo to focus on Messages.

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But Allo is just another corpse in the graveyard of failed Google communication products.

Google didn't dispute this in any of their clarifications, only acknowledging that they'll soon offer Hangouts users the chance to use Hangouts Chat, which is now only available to G Suite customers as more of a collaboration tool. Earlier for the same reason announced the closure of Google+.Allo developers will be engaged in the development of Messaging for Android.

Promoting Duo and Messages.

However, now it is not clear if all Hangouts users - and many of them are regular users who just have a Google account and aren't part of G Suite base - will get access to the Hangouts Chat and Meet or if it will be restricted to G Suite users.

Over the past week, a couple of reports had surfaced regarding two of Google's seven messaging apps - Allo and Hangouts.

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