Kevin Durant not sure Lakers can find star to pair with LeBron

Kevin Durant Says LeBron James-Led Teams Are ‘Toxic’

KD says 'toxic' environment surrounds LeBron, impacts free-agent decisions

"Like, young players that are still developing, it's always going to be hard because he demands the ball so much, he demands control of the offense and he creates for everybody". "No matter if it's Seattle or any team, just to help young men grow".

Durant and the Warriors played a preseason game in the Pacific Northwest in early October and he gave a heartfelt introduction sporting a Shawn Kemp jersey.

"There's still so much more basketball to play", Bosh said.

Kevin Durant made his case as the new No. 1 in the NBA hierarchy with back-to-back NBA Finals MVP awards in 2017 and 2018, but he still hasn't dethroned James - and that might be bothering the Warriors star.

Former Major Leaguers Dead in Car Crash
Castillo debuted in Major League Baseball in 2004 and played four seasons for the Pittsburgh Pirates. Valbuena was now a free agent, but he spent his last two seasons with the Los Angeles Angels.

Most NBA fans will agree that LeBron James has been the best overall player in the NBA for the better part of the last decade, and since Kobe Bryant entered his retirement years, James has been the consensus choice as the league's best among media members as well.

Following the Lakers game against the San Antonio Spurs on Wednesday night, James was given the opportunity to comment on what Durant said but he declined to do so saying he wanted to get a chance to look at what Durant said in full and not just one clip. This news brought up the long debate over whether or not the National Basketball Association will be next. "More than any city in the league probably".

Bleacher Report's Ric Bucher has penned a detailed, and meticulously-reported story, asking a salient question.

But, it's the tricky business side of things that appeals to Durant, and is one of the reasons he's attracted to being on the other side of the operation. I don't recall even with Kwame Brown or Michael Olowokandi and others, I don't recall a number one pick in the National Basketball Association being this bad. So I don't really. "If you're Kyle Korver, then it makes sense". Which can just kind of get the ball rolling, not just in basketball, but also around the whole state. "So it would be cool to be hands-on with the group".

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