Kevin Hart Emphatically Says He Won’t Host the Oscars

HDon Lemon right urged Kevin Hart left to be more of an ally to the LGBTQ community

HDon Lemon right urged Kevin Hart left to be more of an ally to the LGBTQ community

Kevin Hart has once again apologized for the past homophobic tweets which led to him stepping down as host of the Oscars, insisting he doesn't have a problem with gay people. "It gets no more energy from me".

"And then I say as a heterosexual male, if I can do something to stop my son ... that's where the joke starts!" he said, explaining the 2010 joke. "There's no more conversation about it".

'I'm done with it, I am over it'. In addition to his homophobic tweets, his past stand up routines had jokes is laced with anti-gay remarks.

'I have explained how I evolved.

"I'm not saying how I've changed anymore", he continued. I'm not saying what I've done and what the new me is. I'm not giving no more explanation of who I am.

"I shouldn't have to prove who I am", Hart said Wednesday. "If anybody out there wants to believe that Kevin Hart is that much of a monster that he wouldn't love somebody due to their choice in life then all power to them". "I don't want people to think there's a thing between me and the Academy, because there isn't". In that, you go, fuck! "I want everybody to know that I'm done with it".

He would not agree to do the Oscars again, he said, because there was now not enough time left for him to prepare.

Hart, known for his stand-up comedy and roles in films including "Ride Along", said he would not have enough time ahead of the February 24 ceremony in Los Angeles to prepare to do a professional job: "If I do something I want to give it my all". "Whether I like it or not, whether you like it or not, that is his right...he can do that and you can feel about it however you want". I would want to make sure the production is a great representation of me and my talent. "I'm over that, I'm over the moment". "You're the best", Rock said.

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No one has been announced to replace Hart as host of the Oscars. He adds that when the words were said, they weren't said to people rather than a form of Twitter when Twitter didn't exist. He said he could not rule out hosting in future years.

Hart was named as the host of the 91st Academy Awards in December. "We don't post this shit on social media'".

Within days, Twitter users had unearthed his old tweets and demanded that he be removed.

Kevin Hart hit Good Morning America today and sat down with Michael Strahan to discuss his new movie, the ongoing controversy surrounding his comments about the LGBTQ community and if he'll host the Oscars. He chose the latter.

Hart later appeared on Ellen where she defended him and called for him to get the job back.

Later, he appeared on Ellen where both he and she called for viewers to embrace growth and change. "I sincerely apologize to the LGBTQ community for my insensitive words from my past".

'You can't change without a understanding of what GROWTH means'. "Because now we're in a space where I'm around people of the LGBTQ community, and I'm now aware of how these words make them feel, and why they say 'That s- hurt because of what I've been through'".

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