LG unveils TV that rolls up for storage


Unrolled in TV form it looks perfectly normal. Sarah Tew CNET

In the fierce competition of TV manufacturers LG and challenge the market leader Samsung with a roll-up television. In Full View, the screen delivers a large-screen viewing experience. Whenever the TV is not in use, the screen can automatically roll down. Even though there's no word on pricing, considering TCL is a budget TV brand, we could just see the first budgeted version of an 8K TV.

Inside the 65R9 is the next-generation of Alpha a9 processors that allow for deep learning picture quality and an ambient light detection feature that can actually adjust the PQ curve of a TV depending on the ambient brightness in the room - i.e. when it's daytime the TV will recognize the additional light and raise its max brightness to compensate, and reverse that process at night. Users can use their voice to get things done with Amazon Alexa, a new addition to LG's AI TV lineup.

"In Line View, users can choose from features such as Clock, Frame, Mood, Music and Home Dashboard", said the company.

A demonstration showed that the 65-inch (165 centimetre) screen could disappear completely into the base, extend just part way to display photos, act as a control screen for smart devices, or rise completely for full viewing.

In "Zero View", the entire TV retracts into the base, looking like a media cabinet piece of futniture - although it can still play music via a 4.2-channel, 100W front-firing Dolby Atmos audio system. An ultra-high definition LG Signature television that rolls into and out of a base stand - which also serves as a sophisticated sound bar - was among the stars at the South Korean consumer electronics titan's press event on the eve of the official start of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2019.

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This is all wrapped in a brushed aluminum casing with a wool speaker cover.

Visitors to LG's booth (LVCC Central Hall #11100) during CES 2019 from January 8-11 can experience the new LG SIGNATURE OLED TV R for themselves.

Nonetheless, up close the picture quality of the LG model is spectacular. LG is committed to improving customers' lives with innovative home entertainment products led by its award-winning 4K OLED TVs, ULTRA HD TVs and webOS TVs.

About LG Electronics Canada Inc. The company says that these two are best for automotive usage. The company has offices in Toronto and Vancouver.

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