Amazon too is working on a game streaming service

Amazon is reportedly stepping up its gaming ambitions

Amazon is reportedly stepping up its gaming

With movies and TV shows already up in the cloud, it's inevitable that video games will be joining them, as it is learned Amazon is developing their own streaming video game service. "There are only a few companies in the world with the resources to make a game streaming service real at a global scale", the statement said.

Amazon is one of the top-three cloud players in the market, it comes as no surprise that a game streaming service is on Jeff Bezos' list.

Should the service pan out, however, Amazon would nearly certainly include it on Amazon Fire TV Edition screens and Amazon Fire TV devices, plus tablets and smartphones. That said, Microsoft's Azure servers should be launching in the first half of this year after being delayed from a launch last year, and we'll apparently have AWS servers by 2020, which is the apparent launch year for Amazon's new streaming service.

Amazon now has openings on their job platform that include either the term "Cloud Gaming" or "Lead Platform Game Engineer".

This service looks to eliminate the need for expensive hardware to run graphically taxing games.

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The reported move into streaming is yet one more addition to the Amazon portfolio.

However, it's potential competitors have already made great strides in cloud gaming.

Google has also jumped into the race to develop a gaming service that transcends the home console, dubbed Project Stream. On one hand it just cancelled its first project Breakaway back in April of a year ago, but on the other a move into the streaming side makes sense - the company certainly has the server capabilities and Amazon might want to stay neck-and-neck with the other big tech companies working on streaming.

Beyond that, would Amazon sell games individually, bundle them as a subscription, or include them with its ubiquitous Amazon Prime membership?

Amazon has yet to confirm any news, and no release date or pricing has been announced.

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