Bendgate 2.0: New Apple support page reiterates visible bends are "normal"

Bent iPads: Apple says you are looking at it wrong

Apple Details 2018 iPad Pro ‘Co-Molding’ Enclosure Manufacturing Process

All that sounds great but what of those people who say the iPad Pro is arriving bent? The support page also explains that the antenna spits on the sides of the iPad Pro, which essentially offer optimum cellular performance, were manufactured through a high-temperature process, dubbed co-molding that bonds plastic to the aluminum surface. "Instead of the curved edges found on previous-generation iPad models, these new iPad Pro models feature a rectangular design with straight edges that efficiently packages the advanced technologies inside", it says.

Apple has now provided more details in a support document on the new manufacturing method it is using on the iPad Pro which can be blamed for the bend.

According to the page, the new iPad design and antenna lines may make "subtle deviations in flatness" more perceptible to the naked eye.

Both the 2018 iPad Pros and the 2017 iPad Pros support keyboard attachments and the Apple Pencil - though you need a different Apple Pencil depending on the year of the iPad Pro. "After the plastic cools, the entire enclosure is finished with a precision CNC machining operation, yielding a seamless integration of plastic and aluminum into a single, strong enclosure", it says. These small variances do not affect the strength of the enclosure or the function of the product and will not change over time through normal use.

If you're already an iPad Pro user that relies on the Apple Pencil and are planning on upgrading to a new iPad Pro, then Apple has a nasty surprise in store for you. It seems it's the process of combining plastic with antenna "splits" for the cellular model using a new co-molding technique that may result in slight bends.

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The 2018 iPad Pro, the thinnest iPad yet, also bent under minor pressure in a stress test video from Jerry Rig Everything, fanning claims on the internet that Apple have another "bendgate" on its hands, a name first earned by the bend-prone iPhone 6 Plus in 2014. Although this may explain a minor bend on some of its iPad Pro tablets, it doesn't help to explain the overall weak and easily bent structure of the device itself. The device is likely to be replaced by a new one.

Last September I wondered if an iPad - with iOS 11 and the Files app - might replace my MacBook.

Disappointed that you didn't get the iPad you wanted over the holidays? But Apple does not provide any further visual clarification of what a 400-micron deviation looks like.

Many complain that their tablets slightly bent.

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