Next Windows 10 Release To Include 'Reserved Storage' Feature

New Windows Update Will Give Your DAW More Plug-ins

Windows 10 Build 18312 Brings Reserve Storage, Increased FLS Limits And More

Microsoft will allow users to reduce the amount of space reserved, but will not allow reserved storage to be disabled. Lack of free space is one of the more common reasons for updates failing to install, so Microsoft is setting space available on a long-term basis, allowing those periodic updates to be sure they have what they need. This is because of the fact that you might have to install a particular update that is coming your way, an update that would make it necessary for you to look into deleting unnecessary files and cleaning up disk space so that the update has a place where it can be installed. Combining Jiminy with the Key Management Service (KMS) on Windows 7, as many enterprise customers likely do (even though Microsoft wishes they wouldn't), hasn't caused too many headaches.

Microsoft has announced that Windows 10 will utilise reserved storage to ensure there is always sufficient disk space on a PC to perform critical Windows operations. On that note, Windows is increasing the max per process Fiber Local Storage (FLS) slot allocation, effectively removing the cap on the number of unique plugins musicians can load in their DAW projects.

There are a number of reports online of some Windows 10 users running the April 2018 Update suffering at the hands of update KB4480966.

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This reservation of storage is going to happen automatically, both on new devices that come with Windows version 1903 preinstalled, and existing ones where 1903 is clean installed. This 7GB space will be used for the objective of the installation of updates in the future. It should also prevent users from seeing an error message related to storage space when trying to update their PC.

But Microsoft has now confirmed that the activation issue was caused by a change made to its activation and validation servers, which also took effect on Tuesday. Microsoft would still very much like enterprise users to uninstall the Jiminy Cricket update (aka KB971033) because it is aimed at consumers.

"Since disk space has been set aside for this goal, your device will function more reliably".

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