VLC announces Apple AirPlay support, feature may come to Windows app

VLC Expected to Break 3B Downloads at CES, Will Add Airplay Soon

VLC Media Player Passes 3 Billion Downloads Mark, AirPlay Support Coming Soon

In addition to all the new functionality updates, the next major version of VLC is promising to bring playback improvements in scaling and video quality of HDR video files. Kempf said that Airplay could make it to the main VLC app in about a month.

VLC, the open-source media player from developer VideoLAN, has now been downloaded more than three billion times. Additionally, the VLC media player app for Android is getting support for AirPlay, allowing users to stream videos and songs from their Android smartphone to the Apple TV. At CES, there was a surprising amount of TV manufacturers who have announced that their devices will soon support many of Apple's usually locked services. With its addition, it could finally mean that users will be able to beam content playing on the VLC mobile app to an Apple TV - something now not possible.

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Kempf also shared some of the roadmap for VLC with Variety, which includes implementing Airplay. The VLC team will also expand VR support in the future. Depending exclusively on the software development kits of headset manufacturers would have added hundreds of megabytes of code to VLC. Instead, they went their own route so that users would be able to watch traditional 2D movies in a virtual theater environment using their application. On the other hand, the team's implementation is based on just roughly a single megabyte of additional code. VideoLAN doesn't want to compete with Plex or Kodi, he said. According to Variety, it is expected that VLC will surpass its downloads goal at some point in the day on Friday.

The 3 billion downloads mark was probably reached today thanks to the sixth update in the "Vetinari" series.

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