Final season of ’Game of Thrones’ to debut on April 14

Jon Snow's been waiting a long time for these final episodes.                  Macall B. Polay  HBO

Jon Snow's been waiting a long time for these final episodes. Macall B. Polay HBO

No more split-second snippets, this is the real deal.

Ominous in tone, the clip sees Jon Snow, Sansa and Arya walking through a darkly lit crypt at what we are led to believe is their ancestral home of Winterfell. At a point, Jon Snow passes Lyanna Stark's statue (his birth mother) and hears the voices of their dead family members. At the end of the corridor, they find statues of themselves, before the ice starts creeping in. The teaser gave us a glimpse of the three Starks and fans are both excited and nervous for what's to come. According to the new teaser, the show will premiere on 14 April. Clear your calendars, the eighth and final season of "Game of Thrones" premieres April 14. Hopefully, Bran can make it to the Stark family reunion because as every Game of Thrones fan knows, people you love tend to die.

While Arya and Jon draw their swords out, preparing to fight, Sansa - as usual - doesn't do much. It was previously revealed that Season 8 would also host eight new characters. This is a direct callback to the first-ever "Game of Thrones" episode, on which Ned Stark welcomed King Robert Baratheon to the castle and told him Winterfell was his.

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The last season will consist of six episodes as per the latest buzz. It was shot specifically to hint to fans what the final season might hold.

Just six episodes of the show remain, although it's expected that many of them will run for longer than hour.

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