Kingdom Hearts III's epilogue won't be available until January 30

Kingdom Hearts 3 secret ending

Kingdom Hearts 3 Epilogue Can't Be Watched Without an Internet Connection

The epilogue will be viewable to anyone who has finished Kingdom Hearts 3, while the secret video requires finishing the game along with various criteria that will scale by difficulty level. Those videos are the same five digest videos now streaming on the game's official Japanese website.

Following the next day i.e. on January 31, a "Secret Video" will be revealed which will give some hints to the players about from where the story goes from as we haven't gone through the heartless yet by the time we end the third game in a row. Unlike the game's secret movie ending, the epilogue will be avaialble to everyone who finishes the game.

January 29: Update 1.01 for Kingdom Hearts 3 will be made available and contains a special Memory Archive feature which players can use to watch a synopsis of the Kingdom Hearts story arc.

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Wednesday, January 30: epilogue video. Now, the official website and Twitter account have announced the release schedule for the updates that will add these extras to the game.

As you'd expect, all these patches will arrive as free downloadable content. "We are now at the last stages of development but will work tirelessly until the end to deliver the very best KINGDOM HEARTS game to date".

Kingdom Hearts 3 launches January 25, 2019, and the developers will unleash the first major patch on January 29. All we know is that players must have beat the game, seen the ending, and then fulfill some other hidden criteria during the game. It's a great way to remember certain events before jumping into the game. Forcing players to update the game to get a full understanding of what its developers set out to achieve is simply abusing paying users' bandwidth and connectivity, more so when you consider how expensive games are.

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