Logan Paul Under Fire for Saying He'll 'Go Gay' for a Month

Logan Paul Says He Plans To 'Go Gay' For A Month, But Twitter Users Aren't Amused

Logan Paul says he's 'going gay' for a month, and it's not going over well

Another added: "Going gay for a month?"

Watch the YouTuber and his friends discuss this Logan Paul gay plan here (start at 3:30):What do you think of this Logan Paul gay new year's resolution plan?

Logan Paul is catching heat once again - this time for saying he will "go gay" for one month.

"We're vegan now, and we're sober".

Paul caught hate after he revealed during his Impaulsive podcast Wednesday that he and co-host Mike Majlak have a freakish resolution for the month of March, as first reported by E! For February, he and his friends are doing the opposite, calling it "Fatal February", which will involve eating and drinking unhealthily. "So day one, steaks, big bottles of Tito's [vodka] and shit, just wilin' out".

Seemingly in agreement, vlogger Leon Lush tweeted: 'Genuinely devastated Logan Paul wants to suck dick for a month this has set the lgbt community back 100 years I hope we can write enough articles to make sure everyone who needs a digital safe space has one'.

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If you were to ask a gay person familiar with YouTube celebrities, Is Logan Paul gay? they're likely to respond, I hope not.

"For one month, and then swing. and then go back", Majlak said. "Grow up Logan Paul", actress Skai Jackson tweeted.

Response to this "Logan Paul gay plan" has been mixed.

The outcry from people on social media has been swift however, defending the LGBTQ+ community from this extremely harmful accusation that being gay is somehow a choice (and not only a choice, but a gag).

While Paul thought he was making a joke, the internet thought otherwise.

'He continues to be an very bad representation of the YouTube community & shows he truly has learned NOTHING over the a year ago'.

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