SC extends Sahara Chief Subrata Roy's parole till June 19

SC extends Sahara Chief Subrata Roy's parole till June 19 A bench headed by Justice Dipak Misra also allowed Sahara to deposit the initial amount of Rs1,500 crore into the Sebi-Sahara account through electronic means on or before 15 June. He will serve one month-jail for contempt of court. On April 17, Swamy's lawyer conceded that Rs 750 crore was not deposited as there was "difficulty to go with the transaction" of purchasing the hotel. [Full Article...]

Tony Blair: Theresa May will be PM 'if the polls are right'

Starmer accused May's government of "taking option after option off the table" before talks even start. "We do not accept that there has to be a reckless Tory Brexit ", he said , using the colloquial name for May's Conservative Party. Carwyn Jones, the Labour leader in Wales, later described May's visit as a stunt. Amusing really, I can not see any reason why those who are looking to scrutin... [Full Article...]

White House readies order to quit NAFTA: administration official

Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland says she is optimistic a new "win-win" softwood lumber deal can reached in the festering trade dispute between Canada and the United States that threatens to poison the relationship between the two North American neighbours. [Full Article...]

Prosecutor General's Office recognized Open Russia 'undesirable' organization

Prosecutor General's Office recognized Open Russia 'undesirable' organization The Kremlin said on Thursday that an opposition protest planned for Saturday was illegal and police would deal with anyone who showed up accordingly. The organisation, Open Russia, run from overseas by businessman-turned-activist Mikhail Khodorkovsky, was blacklisted by the Prosecutor General's Office earlier this week as "undesirable". [Full Article...]

Caterpillar Inc. (CAT) Announces Quarterly Earnings Results

Caterpillar Inc. (CAT) Announces Quarterly Earnings Results Royal Bank of Canada reiterated a "hold" rating and issued a $101.00 target price on shares of Caterpillar in a report on Wednesday. Stifel Nicolaus dropped their price objective on shares of Caterpillar from $111.00 to $95.00 and set a "hold" rating for the company in a research note on Wednesday. [Full Article...]

Trump tells Canada, Mexico, he won't terminate NAFTA treaty-White House

In recent days, however, he has taken a harder line with Canada, blasting a recent change in the dairy pricing policy there. "Today's announcement sends the message that help is on the way". They are anxious and have got to do some strong negotiating. British leaders including Prime Minister Theresa May have told Canadian officials "they are extremely keen for CETA to be a floor of our econo... [Full Article...]

Russia's payment not listed by Flynn

Questions were also raised about Flynn's $530,000 in consulting work his company, Flynn Intel Group, performed for a businessman with links to the Turkish government. At a news conference Tuesday, White House press secretary said some documents had already been handed over by the Department of Defense. Afterward, the top lawmakers on the committee briefed reporters on the documents, which Rankin... [Full Article...]

Trump's tax plan could cost an estimated $5.5 trillion

The plan would slash corporate taxes to 15 percent for large and small businesses, as well as consolidate categories for individual taxes, lowering the top bracket from almost 40 percent to 35 percent. The Wall Street Journal offers a cautionary tone to the irrational exuberance many stock investors have experienced over Trump's tax plan . That plan would have allowed parents to deduct the cost ... [Full Article...]

B.C. election: Key developments from Day 16

And today, the premier wrote a letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau seeking a ban on us -sourced coal being exported from B.C. ports. The party is taking a position that leader Andrew Weaver hopes will get them out of the shadows of the B.C. [Full Article...]

There will be a "big announcement" on tax reform Wednesday

There will be a The move is separate from legislative action to reform the USA tax code, which Trump indicated would be unveiled Wednesday. But the concept hasn't gained much support among Republicans in the House or Senate - and retailers, carmakers and oil refiners that rely on imported goods have said the tax would raise prices on consumer goods. [Full Article...]

Application for Waiver From Russia Sanctions Must Be Denied - Congresswoman

Application for Waiver From Russia Sanctions Must Be Denied - Congresswoman Exxon Mobil Corp. applied to the Treasury Department for a waiver from sanctions on Russian Federation in an effort to restart its joint venture with state oil company PAO Rosneft, according to the Wall Street Journal's Jay Solomon and Bradley Olson . [Full Article...]

Lumber allegations 'baseless,' Trudeau tells Trump, as Canada prepares for trade war

Lumber allegations 'baseless,' Trudeau tells Trump, as Canada prepares for trade war OTTAWA-Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland is shooting back at Donald Trump's anti-Canadian trade rhetoric saying she will be "tough and strong" in fighting for Canada's economic interests with the U.S. U.S. lumber companies have accused their Canadian counterparts of receiving government subsidies and dumping lumber into the USA market - much of which goes towards building homes. [Full Article...]

Mississippi man sues R. Kelly, says singer ruined marriage

Mississippi man sues R. Kelly, says singer ruined marriage He says he suffered " emotional, psychological and financial loss " due to the actions of Kelly. Bryant claimed that Kelly and Childress had previously been in an intimate relationship, but that the latter told him it had ended ahead of their July 15, 2012 nuptials. [Full Article...]

Uber Flying Cars Yes Uber Started Testing Flying Cars

Uber Flying Cars Yes Uber Started Testing Flying Cars If Uber's plans eventually take place and people get the chance to fly over urban areas that have heavy traffic congestion, then this will drastically reduce the use of public transport. "Urban Aviation is a natural next step for Uber in this pursuit, which is why we are working to make push a button, get a flight a reality", he said . [Full Article...]

Durable Goods Order Rose 0.7% in March for 3rd Consecutive Rise

Durable Goods Order Rose 0.7% in March for 3rd Consecutive Rise That said, the weaker-than-expected outturn for March follows an upward revision to February. A report released by the Commerce Department on Thursday showed that new orders for USA manufactured durable goods climbed by less than expected in the month of March. [Full Article...]

Trump Will Not Immediately Bolt from

Trump also announced on Thursday a new, bilateral cyber working group "which will help protect the security and economic interest of both of our countries", he said. "It is my privilege to bring NAFTA up to date through renegotiation", according to a statement from the White House press office attributed to Trump. [Full Article...]

United Airlines reaches settlement with passenger who was dragged off plane

United and lawyers for Dao declined to disclose financial terms of the settlement Thursday. Dao was being removed to make room for additional crew members on the overbooked flight. First, United Airlines promises to end the practice of forcing customers to give up their seats, unless they deem "safety or security is at risk". The incident touched a nerve with United States passengers after a ... [Full Article...]

White House: Trump says United States will not withdraw from NAFTA

White House: Trump says United States will not withdraw from NAFTA Heyman said he offered to stay on as ambassador as the new administration searched for a replacement and also offered to brief the new team on Canada-U.S. The U.S. lumber industry filed a complaint last fall with the Commerce Department after a year of unsuccessful negotiations between U.S. and Canada following the expiration of a bilateral agreement on softwood lumber. [Full Article...]

Millennials | like many Trump policies | Harvard poll

In terms of campaign promises, 56 percent of voters believe Trump is on track with what he said he would do as president. While Trump's ratings for his handling of foreign affairs stayed roughly the same, that number was only 27%. These polls definitely do not sway Trump . At the same time, Trump's numbers across key personal attributes have dipped since a post-election boost that appears... [Full Article...]

Donald Trump has 'no intention' of releasing tax returns

Mnuchin said that while Trump wants to reduce the marginal rate wealthy taxpayers owe on their income, he also wanted to eliminate exemptions and deductions that the rich can use to reduce their tax bills. Savvy companies probably don't pay that rate, but the ways they reduce their tax liabilities can come at the cost of America's prosperity. The blueprint, which the White House unveiled We... [Full Article...]

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