Rogers starts shipping Samsung Galaxy S8 customer pre-orders

This seams to work for the company as the Galaxy Edge phones enjoyed rather good sales and the Galaxy S8 already looks like a victor. All in all, we're glad to see Samsung finally put their money where their mouth is with this new addition to their flagship Galaxy smartphone line. [Full Article...]

Nepal President Bidya Devi Bhandari arrives in New Delhi on five-day visit

Nepal President Bidya Devi Bhandari arrives in New Delhi on five-day visit Bilateral ties between India and Nepal had been rocked past year due to the Madhesi agitation and blockade of Indian goods into the landlocked nation. Nepal is scheduled to hold local-level elections on May 14 which will be followed by provincial and central-level elections. The Ministry of Home Affairs said it has revised the notice issued yesterday which had granted a public holiday on coming ... [Full Article...]

Nintendo Switch Becomes Fastest-Selling System In Nintendo History

Nintendo Switch , the new home gaming system that people can also take on the go, has sold faster in its launch month than any other video game system in Nintendo history. With record-breaking reviews and sales, don't expect enthusiasm for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild to wane any time soon. Even though sales have been off to a fast start, Nintendo hasn't been able to keep up with dema... [Full Article...]

Microsoft Bringing Back Xbox Fanfest For E3 Week

Microsoft Bringing Back Xbox Fanfest For E3 Week If you are interested and would like full details, you can check out the link in the source below. In previous years, E3 has traditionally been closed off to the general public, reserved for members of the press and video game industry. [Full Article...]

Microsoft responds to latest Shadow Brokers zero-day exploits leak

In a statement on its website, EastNets rejected the allegations. One of SWIFT's service bureaus, the Dubai-based EastNets, which was allegedly among those hacked, strongly rejected the claims as "totally false and unfounded". Under a White House process established by former President Barack Obama's staff, companies were usually warned about risky flaws. Shook warned that the code cou... [Full Article...]

Manhunt for man who broadcasted shooting on Facebook live in Cleveland

Steve Stephens is reportedly moving through Pennsylvania after randomly killing a Cleveland grandfather in a horrific act caught on Facebook Live video - and he may have killed more people. Police said there was a cell phone signal from Stephens' mobile in Erie, Pennsylvania, but his last known location was the site of the shooting. The Cleveland Police Department has been sharing images ... [Full Article...]

Tax Day is Tuesday, millions have yet to file

Tax Day is Tuesday, millions have yet to file The run-up in federal spending amounts to a 3,000 percent increase. Today, it's 39.6 percent (something about half of Americans know, per our poll). Taxes may not be amusing, but that doesn't mean that filing them can't be. Honest people sometimes wind up evading taxes accidentally. One Arizona tax professional says the explanation may lie in education and awareness among lower-income taxpayers. [Full Article...]

Apple TV to Get Multi-User Support, Picture-in-Picture, More?

This will come in handy for users who have more than one person at home, or who have more than one person who watches Apple TV. In a report from The Verifier (via 9to5Mac ), they claim that the update will bring about several major new features, such as multi-user login as well as a picture-in-picture mode. [Full Article...]

GOP lawmakers say Susan Rice should be investigated

John R. Schindler, a conservative columnist for the New York Observer and a former NSA analyst with deeply placed sources in the intelligence community, writes that "Rice had perfectly legitimate reasons to want to know the full story about those reports ", meaning intelligence reports tracking foreign-government officials discussing Trump or talking to Trump associates. [Full Article...]

Microsoft confirms Windows' NSA hacking loopholes have been patched

Analysts generally accepted the leaked files came from the NSA. Microsoft triaged a large release of exploits made publicly available by Shadow Brokers. While home and small business users, who generally patch as soon as possible, may be protected against these exploits, bigger businesses generally take a while to patch because they have extensive testing to be done, and may still be vulnerabl... [Full Article...]

Automata DLC Revealed Where You Can Fight Square Enix CEO — Nier

Automata DLC Revealed Where You Can Fight Square Enix CEO — Nier There's something about seeing the CEOs behind NieR: Automata float down in all of their omnipotent glory that seems to capture everything about Yoko Taro that gamers unfamiliar with the director need to know. The DLC also includes some new sub-quests, the successful completion of which unlocks various rewards. The video shows off the characters wearing their new costumes from the DLC, as well a... [Full Article...]

Shaq Pays For Funeral Of Teen Who Accidentally Shot Himself On Instagram

Shaq Pays For Funeral Of Teen Who Accidentally Shot Himself On Instagram The family shared that Shaquille O'Neal visited their home Friday (April 13) to give his condolences and pay for the funeral. As his mother called 911, students who had seen the incident started to gather outside the home, she said . He was just 13. Just the thought of me seeing him on the floor will never leave my brain, ' she said. She said she thinks Malachi didn't intend to take his own... [Full Article...]

121st Boston Marathon is Meb's last, Rupp's first

The 121st edition of the Boston Marathon will leave Hopkinton on Monday morning for the 26.2-mile trek to Copley Square, with more than 30,000 runners expected to line up with partly cloudy skies and temperatures in the mid-60s - a little warmer than the competitors would like. [Full Article...]

Lady Gaga lights up Coachella 2017 with stunning set

Lady Gaga lights up Coachella 2017 with stunning set Fans seemed pretty excited by the new single. Instead, Beyonce committed to the 2018 Coachella . Radiohead returned humbly yet again, launching into "Street Spirit (Fade Out)" - but not before Yorke addressed the crowd with some light-hearted, self-depreciating humor, "Can you actually hear me now?" Cooper is making his directorial debut in the latest remake of the film that famously chronicles... [Full Article...]

IPhone 8 renders shows off full-front display, minimal bezels

The company is expected to confirm during a board meeting in June that it'll provide OLED displays for the iPhone 8 next year. The one that got the short end of the stick right now is the Apple iPhone 6. Some leaked design schematics also claim that Apple will probably remove the bezel, while there are reports claiming the bezel to be just 4mm wide. [Full Article...]

Search for murder suspect extending to NY

Authorities believe Stephens recently purchased the auto. And while his killer, Steve Stephens, is still on the loose, people are now attempting to profit off of Godwin Sr.'s death with the creation of fake GoFundMe campaigns. Detectives spoke with Stephens on Sunday by cellphone and tried to persuade him to surrender, police said. Police are now looking for him in five states: Ohio, Indiana, ... [Full Article...]

Why Anne Hathaway Won't Share Any More Photos Of Her Son

Why Anne Hathaway Won't Share Any More Photos Of Her Son Then she attended a screening of Ben Wheatley's 17th-century acid trip "A Field in England" and, as is often the case when presented with a psychedelic perspective, inspiration struck. She reconnects with childhood friend Oscar (Jason Sudeikis), a good-natured bar owner with a coterie of drinking buddies (Tim Blake Nelson and Austin Stowell ), and resumes her drinking lifestyle. [Full Article...]

Church marks Easter with helicopter egg drop

Church marks Easter with helicopter egg drop One of the many things that amaze me as an immigrant in this wonderful country is how differently certain holidays or traditions are celebrated. "It was crowded, but fun", Bravo said. "They were excited that they were going to have another egg hunt", Paiz said about her children after they had an egg hunt at school earlier that day. [Full Article...]

Samsung Galaxy S8 Is The First To Get Gigabit LTE-class Speeds

Considering that the product has still not been launched and the company might improve the facial recognition with software updates going ahead, we will have to wait and see how this feature develops going forward. Like the preceding unit, the S8 still has a 12-megapixel rear camera with dual pixel features, but its front camera now has 8 megapixels. Naturally, Apple has not discussed its plan... [Full Article...]

Three Actors Promoted to Regulars for Season 8 of The Walking Dead

AMC today announced that it has upped stars Steven Ogg, Katelyn Nacon and Pollyanna McIntosh to series regulars for Season 8 meaning we're about to see a whole lot more of their respective characters Simon, Enid and Jadis. TWD Season 8 will premiere in October. "It's going to become a bit more kinetic and fast-moving, because that's where the story is going", Scott Gimple said of "The Walking D... [Full Article...]

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