Destiny 2 gameplay revealed in new trailer

Destiny 2 is evidently a new beginning for the franchise, as well as for its long time players who will see the slate wiped clean on their progress. All of the movement keys are fairly standard, but the default keybindings for abilities makes me wonder if Bungie thinks we have a second thumb or pinky. [Full Article...]

Microsoft to NSA: WannaCry is your fault

Microsoft did issue patches for the vulnerabilities before the attacks took place, but not everyone downloaded them. WannaCry is a ransomware that feeds on a particular Windows exploit and encrypts user data until they pay up. In case of any ransomware attack, report Action Fraud . " They're going to turn on their computers in the morning and find out if they were protected or not " said Jame... [Full Article...]

Google I/O 2017: All the announcements

In addition, those who had an unlocked bootloader on their Android phones could no longer download and install the Netflix app from the Google Play Store . "We're excited about seeing more users come online for the first time as the price of entry level smart phones drop, and we want to help manufacturers continue to offer lower-cost devices that provide a great experience for these users". [Full Article...]

How to Shield Your System Against WannaCry Ransomware Attack

By 10:30 on 14 of May, the National Computer Network Emergency Response Center had detected 2,423,000 IPs under the attack as a result of Eternal Blue Exploit; the number of IPs inflected by the ransomware is more than 35,000 [worldwide] and within China, about 18,000 IPs have been infected . [Full Article...]

WannaCry is your fault — Microsoft to NSA

Security experts have speculated that the ransomware, which works by exploiting a vulnerability in older versions of Windows, came from a cache of hacking tools allegedly stolen from the NSA by hacker group Shadow Brokers. Microsoft first released a patch for the vulnerability back in March, but many people clearly didn't update. Researchers from a variety of security firms say they have so f... [Full Article...]

Alexa has a screen with Amazon Echo Show

Amazon is adding support for free Alexa calling and messaging to the Echo and Echo Dot. The difference is that the Echo Show features a screen, which allows users to make and receive video calls. Video calling is the headline extra feature of the unit and it's been added alongside a new functionality called "Drop In". The device will potentially play a significant role in Amazon's domi... [Full Article...]

'Hero's welcome' for missile developers in North Korea

'Hero's welcome' for missile developers in North Korea State Councilor Yang Jiechi made the remarks at the opening of a second day of meetings between Chinese officials and special envoy Lee Hae-chan, a former South Korean prime minister. The summit, the first between the two leaders, will be held in Washington DC Moon's office said the event was aimed at "cementing personal ties" between the two. [Full Article...]

Ransomware attack a 'wakeup call' for governments

Ransomware attack a 'wakeup call' for governments After the WannaCry cyberattack hit computer systems worldwide, Microsoft says governments should report software vulnerabilities instead of collecting them. The hackers then demand $300 in order to release control of the files. This means that the ATM's in India are vulnerable to these attacks as majority run on outdated operating systems. [Full Article...]

Indian men archers strike gold in World Cup stage 1

Indian men archers strike gold in World Cup stage 1 Indian team comprised of Abhishek Verma, Chinna Raju Srither, and Amanjeet Singh, were too hot on the day as they proved to good for their Colombian counterparts. Recurve archers Atanu Das and Deepika Kumari, however, made quarter-final exits. "Before coming here, we planned every detail to make it work". However, the Colombians managed to comeback as they leveled the third set 52-52. [Full Article...]

5 ways to become a smaller target for ransomware hackers

United Kingdom hospitals had thousands of these older machines; that's why the virus hit hard there. So even people with older computers should go update them. FedEx said some of its Windows computers were breached. Nissan: The carmaker said in a statement that "some Nissan entities were recently targeted" but "there has been no major impact on our business". [Full Article...]

Sharp Drop in Israeli Trust of Trump

Sharp Drop in Israeli Trust of Trump The US leader " will convey his administration's eagerness to facilitate an agreement that ends the conflict, and he will urge Palestinian leaders to take steps that will help lead to peace ", McMaster informed the media. The 39th President of the United States has visited North Korea three times since he left office. But American and Israeli spy professionals say they're frustrated and fe... [Full Article...]

Ransomware outbreak prompts Microsoft to update old software

The attack largely infected networks that used out-of-date software, such as Windows XP, which Microsoft no longer offers technical support for. "While it would be satisfying to hold accountable those responsible for this hack - something that we are working on quite seriously - the worm is in the wild, so to speak, at this point, and patching is the most important message as a result", said B... [Full Article...]

Facebook Wants to Feed You

Facebook Wants to Feed You When you tap through to the new food ordering icon on Facebook , you'll see a list of restaurants in your area that use the service. The feature is an expansion on a previously announced deal with online ordering businesses, and Slice , which Facebook detailed back in October. [Full Article...]

Ransomware WannaCry: Uttar Pradesh police lists 5 steps to save your computer

An illustration showed that once you receive an infected file typically attached to an email or a URL, an encryption key locks all your data. They allege that last week's WannaCry attack exploited a flaw that the USA government knew about and chose not to disclose, an identical situation to the Heartbleed virus that the National Security Administration knew about for around two years before rese... [Full Article...]

Foot Locker Stock Plunges As Q1 Earnings, Sales Fall Short

Foot Locker Stock Plunges As Q1 Earnings, Sales Fall Short TRADEMARK VIOLATION NOTICE: "Foot Locker (FL) Getting Somewhat Critical Media Coverage, Analysis Shows" was originally posted by Transcript Daily and is the property of of Transcript Daily. 5,000 shares were sold by MCKENNA MATTHEW M , worth $379,586 on Wednesday, March 1. Alviti Paulette also sold $753,239 worth of Foot Locker, Inc . This is the first time since the year-ago quarter that Foo... [Full Article...]

A bug in Twitter's old Vine app may have exposed your email

A bug in Twitter's old Vine app may have exposed your email However, that is because they wouldn't have had to; any third party with the technical means could have viewed the user information during the almost 24-hour window the information was exposed. The social network also said that passwords were not exposed as part of the bug. We want to emphasize that this information can't directly be used to access your account, and we have no information indicati... [Full Article...]

Frenchmen claim cure for WannaCry-infected computers

But that's also a warning call for you to look at upgrading your computer - which probably isn't good news at planting time or with corn under $4, but your farm data is important and should be protected. SMB networks are used in homes and businesses to transfer data between trusted computers. Companies needing to restore their operations right away likely would have turned to backups, if available... [Full Article...]

Xbox Live and Minecraft for FREE?!

Xbox Live and Minecraft for FREE?! What is even more wonderful is that Minecraft: Xbox One Edition will also be free with a limited time only. While Xbox Live is an ideal service when it comes to getting free games and playing online with friends, that doesn't mean that everyone has it. [Full Article...]

You Can Now Get Xbox Live Gold for Free

You Can Now Get Xbox Live Gold for Free This is one of the days that we will rejoice and be glad that Xbox Live goes free for everyone on every game until May 21! The company will be hosting a Multiplayer All Access event between May 18-21 which allows players to game with one another as much as they want. [Full Article...]

Google Assistant Launched on iOS to Tackle Siri and Alexa

The bottom line would be to make the OS strive towards reducing the power usage, particularly by apps which work in the background.While these are only some aspects of Android GO , we should be hearing more about it in the coming days. They had some early successes going after the Android app store, but Google has tightened up the app submission and review process considerably in recent year... [Full Article...]

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