Xbox One X Enhanced Games: Here's What It Means

During the demonstration, which happened a couple of days prior to E3 2017 , the console hit 60 fps constantly at 4K resolution. It is the most powerful console ever made , and Microsoft never backed away from saying it would have a premium price point , but still, some are feeling sticker shock given it's $100 more than PS4 Pro . [Full Article...]

Logjam At Top of US Open Leaderboard After Round 2

Tall fescue grass on the fourth, 12th, 14th and 18th holes at Erin Hills was being cut on Tuesday as McIlroy spoke to the media, which caught the 2011 champion by surprise. He finished 27th two years ago and earned a big $64,000 pay day. A day after Rickie Fowler's seven-under opening round, that same score is still leading, but it's shared by four players, not including Fowler, who shot a one... [Full Article...]

Saudi coast guard kills local fisherman, says Iran TV

Saudi coast guard kills local fisherman, says Iran TV One of the boats is still missing. "We are pursuing this matter to determine if the Iranian boats had crossed the Saudi border or not, but the action of the Saudis does not comply with humanitarian and navigational principles", Majid Aqababai, director general of the ministry's border affairs, was quoted by Tasnim as saying.There was no immediate Saudi reaction. [Full Article...]

Another police shooting acquittal worries black gun owners

Jurors spent a lot of time dissecting the "culpable negligence" requirement for conviction, Ploussard said . She says those arrested were booked at Ramsey County Jail on charges including being a pedestrian on the busy freeway. Paul Public Schools said in a statement . "He didn't deserve to die the way he did", Philando Castile's sister, Allysza, said, through tears. Her 4-year-old daughter ... [Full Article...]

E3 2017: Super Mario Odyssey Co-op Revealed

E3 2017: Super Mario Odyssey Co-op Revealed However, according to Nintendo, Mario will be able to control Cappy in some capacity but did not reveal how. So basically, how the local co-op in Super Mario Odyssey works is that you can allow two players to use one set of Joy-Con controllers. [Full Article...]

The All-New Fresh Look Of Minecraft In 4K Resolution

The All-New Fresh Look Of Minecraft In 4K Resolution This week at E3 2017 it was announced that both Rocket League and Minecraft were incorporating cross-platform play. According to Spencer, we can expect to hear more on what 343 Industries is up to "soon", in the interim, we can listen to the Head of Xbox chatting about the power of 4K . [Full Article...]

MS isn't making money on Xbox One X sales

While Spencer didn't explicitly mention Halo 5 or Halo: The Master Chief Collection, these are the only two games that were released by 343 Industries so it is possible that we might hear about a potential patch and support for these games for the Xbox One X soon. [Full Article...]

Revenue Growth Analysis of Finisar Corp. (FNSR)

Revenue Growth Analysis of Finisar Corp. (FNSR) They now have a Dollars 40 price target on the stock. As per Tuesday, August 18, the company rating was initiated by Northland Capital. The firm has "Buy" rating by Jefferies given on Tuesday, September 13. Schwab Charles invested 0.02% of its portfolio in Finisar Corporation (NASDAQ:FNSR). According to analysts Finisar Corp (NASDAQ:FNSR)'s minimum EPS for the current quarter is at $0.45 and... [Full Article...]

Super Mario Odyssey's co-op mode lets one player control Cappy

Super Mario Odyssey's co-op mode lets one player control Cappy Each player will be able to used each half of the JoyCons to take full control of Mario or Cappy . For " Super Mario Odyssey's " local co-op mode, Cappy will be the playable character for the second player. Thoughts about co-op mode in Super Mario Odyssey? 'Spider-Man' suggests non-lethal approach With the Sony Pictures movie Spider-Man: Homecoming set for a July release, it made sense ... [Full Article...]

E3 2017: Hands on with Super Mario Odyssey

E3 2017: Hands on with Super Mario Odyssey During this gameplay demo of Super Mario Odyssey (one of a few we've posted about: here's New Donk City and Wooded Kingdom footage), the presenters show off Super Mario Odyssey's co-op mode, which was alluded to earlier in the week. [Full Article...]

The 10 original Xbox games we want to play on Xbox One

However, Minecraft is soon getting an update in this respect which aims to unify all platforms into one single massive game with the same lines of code. He quickly added, "I don't mean that to be snippy". "We see a lot of questions and a lot of assumptions about, 'When are these games going to leave the catalog?'" he said". [Full Article...]

Comparing Microsoft XBOX One X vs Nintendo Switch vs Sony PS4 Pro

Spencer specifically called out games like Destiny and The Division as products players can sink hundreds of hours into, thus potentially neglecting smaller titles with a defined campaign. The news comes in the wake of Microsoft announcing that it would be adding backward compatibility for the original Xbox to Xbox One . No release date has been announced as to when this will kick-off, ... [Full Article...]

Anthem At E3 2017 Used 2160p Checkerboarding on Xbox One X

Digital Foundry for its part analysed the demo and found that it used 2160p checkerboarding. The weakening position of sterling has had a negative impact on retail prices in the United Kingdom, which will be irritating for British consumers who often pay over the odds for consumer electronics anyway. [Full Article...]

Developers Will Have Access To NFC On iPhone In iOS 11

Developers Will Have Access To NFC On iPhone In iOS 11 Some parts of the iOS 11 release are hard to predict. The iOS 11 update which is now available as a Developer Beta Preview will be available for all this fall probably around the same time that Apple announces its next iPhone . Going forward iOS 11-capable iPhones and iPads will be able to effectively leverage the NFC capabilities. However, the new feature turned out to be an exclusive ... [Full Article...]

Xbox Announces Xbox One X

Xbox boss Phil Spencer was interviewed about the new console, saying the PS4 Pro is an Xbox one S competitor, not an Xbox One X . Speaking to Giant Bomb (via Gamespot ), Spencer said that supporting original Xbox games on Xbox One is more technically challenging than Xbox 360, and touched on the rights issue as another bump in the road. [Full Article...]

Super Mario Odyssey's co-op has one player be Mario's hat

Playing as Mario remains roughly the same as it has always been, as he's able to run and jump as usual. Anyhow, player two will be able to fly Cappy around and launch attacks, in addition to controlling the camera. You can do this with a button press, but it's more fun to flick your wrist, at least when you're using the standalone Joy-Cons while the Switch itself is docked. [Full Article...]

Why Microsoft's new Xbox costs $500 - and why that's fine

Then there's the 4K output: "although it's upscaled, rather than native, right now this is the best you'll get from a console". "If you just look at the specs of what this box is, it's in a different league than any other console that's out there". [Full Article...]

Apple announces watchOS 4, new iPad Pro

Apple announces watchOS 4, new iPad Pro In the Settings app, you'll now be able to get to recommendations for how to save precious space on your iOS device . Some Apple users could be in for a shock, with the tech giant announcing all devices manufactured in 2013 or earlier will soon be made obsolete. [Full Article...]

Apple's iOS 11 enables iPhone NFC tag reading

Apple's iOS 11 enables iPhone NFC tag reading However, there is only a limited number of iOS devices that Apple has extended its iOS 11 support to. Speaking of the new renders - courtesy iDropNews - the iPhone 8 is seen sporting an all-screen and nearly no-bezel design. With all these leaks showing renders and prototypes, maybe we'll get to see a working model in the coming months. The tablet also features a 12 megapixel rear ca... [Full Article...]

PS4 Sales Over 60.4 Million Worldwide: Sony

Sony also revealed the first ever gameplay footage for the new Spider-Man game at its E3 2017 press conference. Although this game was remastered for Sony's Playstation 3 back in 2011, this time it will be a full HD version. PlayStation plans to expand services , software, and virtual reality offerings, he said. So now, in no particular order, we have meticulously gathered every trailer ... [Full Article...]

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