Facebook Spaces for Oculus VR launches today

All you have to do is pick from your collection of Facebook pictures, and you will be presented with an array of options in your VR appearance. The selection of photos for us was a little limited, but the service will create an avatar based on the photo you choose. [Full Article...]

Inspired by Pokemon Go, Facebook pushes augmented reality

CEO Mark Zuckerberg told the crowd not to expect all the new features to show up overnight, but he said the company continues to tweak things, and we will start seeing them roll out over the next several years. If you haven't noticed the little camera on the top left hand side of your Facebook app maybe it's time you checked out it. Facebook "Stories" are a thing now, and this little c... [Full Article...]

Samsung's Galaxy Book Will Start at $629.99 and Become Available Tomorrow

The Galaxy Book 12 with LTE is available from Verizon on April 21st, and you can pre-order both of the Wi-Fi only models on the same date from and "select retailers including Best Buy". Now, they are available for purchase or pre-order in the United States. However, the fact that the detachable keyboard comes at free of cost with the Samsung Galaxy Book makes it all the more af... [Full Article...]

Think Twice Before Getting Excited for Nintendo's Upcoming SNES

Think Twice Before Getting Excited for Nintendo's Upcoming SNES During the interview, it was also mentioned that Nintendo doesn't have any plans of producing more NES Classic systems for North America. Nintendo is winding down distribution for the NES Classic, having explained that the machine "wasn't meant to be an ongoing, long-term product" in an April 13 statement to IGN . [Full Article...]

Hyundai facelift Xcent launched

Hyundai facelift Xcent launched The family cascading design family grille looks good on the Xcent and so do the hexagonal fog lamps. The interior is similar to the facelifted Grand i10. The claimed mileage figures of the 2017 Xcent is 20.14kmpl (petrol), 17.36kmpl for (petrol automatic) and 25.4 kmpl (diesel). All variants feature an alternator management system to reduce load on the engine during hard acceleration. [Full Article...]

'Star Wars' Titles Lead The May Games With Gold Offerings

'Star Wars' Titles Lead The May Games With Gold Offerings For Xbox One owners, the first Games with Gold game you can download is Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams Director's Cut . This allows Xbox 360 games to run on the Xbox One without any special coding or other workarounds. I'm interested to see how Temple of the Osiris plays like, as I've seen some interesting comps to a bunch of different types of games mixed together. [Full Article...]

Pence praises Indonesia's moderate form of Islam

Mr Pence, his wife wife, Karen , and two daughters, Charlotte and Audrey, are due to fly into Sydney late on Friday and will spend the weekend in the city, before embarking for Hawaii on Monday. Trump has also cancelled an already completed trans-Pacific trade deal that would have given Australian firms better access to markets in the United States and several key regional markets. [Full Article...]

'Fast & Furious' cars explained by the man who built them

The series has since produced seven other movies: "2 Fast 2 Furious " (2003), "The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift " (2006), "Fast and Furious" (2009), " Fast Five " (2011), " Fast and Furious 6 " (2013), "Furious 7" (2015), and " The Fate of the Furious " (2017). [Full Article...]

New 'Injustice 2' Shattered Alliances Trailer Tells Brainiac's Story

New 'Injustice 2' Shattered Alliances Trailer Tells Brainiac's Story Brainiac has finally entered the fray with the fifth and final entry in " Injustice 2's " Shattered Alliances video series. Armed with his own personal army upon his visit to Earth, Brainiac looks incredible as he dons a suit of armour that features multiple tentacles and his minions look to sap the life out of the human population via their brains. [Full Article...]

Saints Row 2 is free to download on GOG right now

Saints Row 2 is free to download on GOG right now While lacking the overall polish of its oft-compared to counterpart Grand Theft Auto , the Saints Row series is great fun, never takes itself too seriously, and pushes the limits of what constitutes an open world game. Saints Row IV is an enjoyably silly sandbox in which you play a superpowered president. Just go to, link your Steam account and add any eligible Saints Row gam... [Full Article...]

Apple Debuts Live Photos API for Web Playback

Apple Debuts Live Photos API for Web Playback Apple has today unveiled its Live Photos API that would allow developers to incorporate the animated photos into web content, for the first time since its introduction. Last year, Tumblr provided a workaround to let users bring Live Photos on its platform. The other way of sharing them on the web is by using Google Photos' Motion Stills feature, which cleans up Live Photos and coverts them t... [Full Article...]

New information about Intel Coffee Lake

New information about Intel Coffee Lake These processors will be doing battle with AMD's upcoming 16-core Ryzen monsters that are due to land during the third quarter. As per rumors the AMD Ryzen 5 1600X chip is perhaps worth the wait as it was able to beat the highest ratings in numerous bench-mark testings as well . [Full Article...]

Qualcomm: First Windows 10 ARM PC coming in the fourth quarter

Qualcomm: First Windows 10 ARM PC coming in the fourth quarter The cellular PC could also have a long battery life, considering Snapdragon 835 was designed for smartphones. "We have an opportunity to disrupt the existing suppliers of the PC and the datacenter". Dell and HP have expressed interest in cellular PCs but need time to test them. What are your theories about the future of Windows 10 devices? That's because Microsoft is building an emulator directl... [Full Article...]

Plastc goes belly up after swiping $9M from backers

Plastc goes belly up after swiping $9M from backers But today, the firm's website offers a somber message to its backers that the product will not be coming to market and that the company has filed for bankruptcy. It continued pushing back the release date until now when it disclosed the news of bankruptcy. The company was apparently on the most shoestring of budgets, holding out hope that it would be able to stay open as late as this week, cou... [Full Article...]

Samsung Galaxy Note 8: Looks Like Galaxy S8 But Just Bigger

Due to that state of affairs, it seems unlikely that the second largest wireless carrier in the country will start selling the Galaxy S8 Active as soon as the regular variants of the Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy S8 Plus launch . The arrival of the Galaxy S8 has had some setbacks too. For instance, Galaxy Active phones so far have featured three physical buttons on the front, but that may well c... [Full Article...]

Samsung Galaxy S8 Teardown Reveals One Disturbing Design Flaw

If you buy phones and you're in it for the long haul, like 2-3 years, then things like how easy is the phone to fix is an important question. After months of waiting the Samsung Galaxy S8 will finally land in shops next week. Galaxy S8+ has a 12MP Primary Dual Pixel Camera, 8MP Front Camera and is fueled by a 3,500 mAh Battery. And yes, don't forget about the new Bixby assistant. [Full Article...]

Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ to be launched in India today

The South Korean tech giant showcased the Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy S8 Plus last month, with official sales of the device kicking off in South Korea and the United States on Friday. Samsung says it has also improved the phone's image processing technology, which it claims will enable the S8 to capture better low-light photos and reduce blur compared to its predecessor, the S7. [Full Article...]

Galaxy S8 enjoys higher than expected sales

LG has been penetrating the global market with their flagship phones every year, plus in 2017 they unveiled the LG G6, which has impressed numerous smartphone fans by far. More details on the device are expected to follow later this year. The Samsung Galaxy S8 has specifications that could possibly outsmart the LG G6 other than its battery. [Full Article...]

Andhra: PM Modi condoles loss of lives in Chittoor tragedy

Andhra: PM Modi condoles loss of lives in Chittoor tragedy The speeding truck lost control after it tried to avoid collision with another vehicle and hit an electric pole. "Fifteen are confirmed dead and several people are seriously injured, we are waiting for more details", Tirupati District Police Chief, R Jayalakshmi said. [Full Article...]

Early Samsung Galaxy S8+ prototypes came with dual cameras at the rear

Early Samsung Galaxy S8+ prototypes came with dual cameras at the rear A Chinese tipster has reported that Samsung's next smartphone will not be Note 8 but its first flagship foldable smartphone that will go by the name of "Galaxy X". Both Samsung and LG have taken it upon themselves to tweak the aspect ratio of their flagship phones . Iris recognition - The iris recognition feature uses the unique characteristics of your irises, such as their shape and patter... [Full Article...]

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