Kingdom Hearts 3, Final Fantasy 7 Remake Not Releasing in 2017

Kingdom Hearts 3, Final Fantasy 7 Remake Not Releasing in 2017 Other games shown in the document are labelled as releasing during Square Enix's FY 2018 (April 1 2017 to March 31 2018), but Final Fantasy 7 Remake , Kingdom Hearts 3 and Square Enix's recently announced Marvel games are not dated. "Production is progressing on unannounced worlds, in a state that we can not show them off". "I am very sorry, but to that degree I will make a game that will meet ... [Full Article...]

New Sonic Forces Trailer Shows Off Classic Gameplay

New Sonic Forces Trailer Shows Off Classic Gameplay Sonic the Hedgehog failed and Dr. Eggman won.While Sonic was absent, Dr. Eggman managed to conquer the world with his seemingly invulnerable army, thanks to a mysterious power which can control space-time. You can either go back to the side-scrolling roots of the series or you can play in the Modern Sonic mode, which is more of a 3D platformer. So far, from what we've seen, this is shaping u... [Full Article...]

Uber takes to the skies with next ride-hailing project

Uber takes to the skies with next ride-hailing project But Uber's new partnerships with reputable aviation companies-as well as preexisting collaborations with federal agencies such as NASA-shows the tech giant is willing to kickstart the global conversation on flying taxis in a big way. Testing in Dallas will begin in 2020 with about five different vertiports, said Mark Moore, a longtime NASA engineer hired by Uber . Uber isn't the only ... [Full Article...]

Facebook launches camera platform for developers to encourage AR

Have you noticed that most Facebook apps these days have a camera button built in? You can change your eye color, hairstyle, facial features and more until your look fits your identity. There is indeed a selfie stick option that allows users to take photos of the VR experience and share it on Facebook . The app is available for free download in the Early Access section of the Oculus Store . [Full Article...]

New Jaguar XF Sportbrake estate: bird's eye view revealed

New Jaguar XF Sportbrake estate: bird's eye view revealed The company has recently released a special teaser video which shows the outline of the profile of the vehicle marked on the Wimbledon centre court. The last time Jaguar offered the XF Sportbrake, it was between 2012 and 2015, and it wasn't offered up in the US. [Full Article...]

Samsung's assistant Bixby in tough challenge to rivals

Samsung's assistant Bixby in tough challenge to rivals Apple doesn't yet have the scale to get these screens as fast or as reliably as Samsung, and that means the iPhone 8 release date might slip one or two months - possibly to November. More updates on the Galaxy S8 should arrive soon. The Samsung DeX, which allows users to utilize the Galaxy S8 smartphone like a regular desktop computer by connecting it to a PC, is also expected to help us... [Full Article...]

Trump's push to fund wall may be delayed as government shutdown looms

Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., a GOP critic of Trump who dined with the president Monday at the White House. Democrats, whose votes will be needed to help pass the spending plan, hope he'll blink to avoid an embarrassing milestone for a new president trying to prove he can govern. [Full Article...]

NES Classic back on sale tomorrow at Best Buy

NES Classic back on sale tomorrow at Best Buy Best Buy told The Verge that sales will be first-come, first-served. The electronics retailer announced on Twitter Sunday that the popular, now-discontinued retro game system will be returning to its stores Monday. Best Buy will receive a few units of both consoles from Nintendo with the NES Classic Edition becoming available starting in the morning. It's also likely that other retailers w... [Full Article...]

Mercedes-Benz Makes Customers' Lives Easier with Google Home and Amazon Alexa

Mercedes-Benz announced today that all of its 2016 and 2017 vehicles in the USA can now connect with both Amazon and Google's digital voice assistants. Mercedes' announcement follows the launch of similar services by automakers such as BMW, Ford, and Genesis . By using Amazon and Google's home automation technologies, the company believes they can offer a broader range of services that are a... [Full Article...]

David Henrie, Maria Cahill get married

David Henrie, Maria Cahill get married There was also a bet in place as to which of the three costars would end up getting married first and having all three together for the wedding put an end to their long-standing bet. "[She was] one of the first people I told I was getting married". "A special day with some unbelievable people ", Jake captioned the stunning shot of his TV family. [Full Article...]

LG G6 launching in India today: Here are the top five features

The new LG G6 will be available in Astro Black, Ice Platinum, and Mystic White colour options. The smartphone also has IP certification for dust and resistant. LG has ensured that the camera module is flush with the rear side of the phone. This setup includes a pair of 13-megapixel lenses, out of which one is a wide-angle lens with f/2.4 aperture, while the other is a standard lens with f/1.8 ap... [Full Article...]

I love Azaan but Sonu's opinion should be respected: Kangana Ranaut

I love Azaan but Sonu's opinion should be respected: Kangana Ranaut On Sunday morning, at 5.48 AM, Nigam posted yet a video of the azaan , running for over a couple of minute, on Twitter with just the comment, " Goodmorning India (sic)". In a surprising move, the singer had himself tonsured by a celebrity hairstylist at a press conference. Last week, the singer posted several tweets+ talking unfavourably about, in general, religion-related material being broad... [Full Article...]

Cheers, silence as French election results fall

Harris gave both conservative candidate Francois Fillon and far-left contender Jean-Luc Melenchon 20 percent, which would mean their elimination from the race. While insisting that Macron "does not belong to the left" Hamon said he made "a clear distinction between a political adversary and an enemy of the Republic" - referring to Macron and Le Pen respectively. [Full Article...]

Polls show huge lead for Tories

Polls show huge lead for Tories Britain's Prime Minster Theresa May delivers a stump speech at Netherton Conservative Club during the Conservative Party's election campaign, in Dudley April 22, 2017. The Liberal Democrats, who were a distant fourth in the last election, reiterated their message that they were the only "decent opposition" to a government it says is pursuing a "hard Brexit", while the eurosceptic UK Independence P... [Full Article...]

Microsoft says it's all patched up

Over the weekend, Microsoft released a statement refuting these claims and suggesting that everyone should be safe from these exploits - well, except for those who haven't installed the latest security updates . Microsoft has sometimes had delays in releasing security updates for the old ones while compared to the attention they give to the new Operating Systems. [Full Article...]

Star Wars Battlefront 2: 10 New Gameplay Details You Need To Know

Star Wars Battlefront 2: 10 New Gameplay Details You Need To Know The game will boasting many new features for this iteration of Star Wars such as a brand new single player campaign with new stories that have been worked on in part by Lucasfilm that will be considered canon in the new Star Wars Universe. [Full Article...]

Labour Has (Eventually) Ruled Out A Second Referendum On Brexit

Following a meeting with Mrs May in Downing Street this afternoon, the new President of the European Parliament said the snap election could help the Brexit negotiations. She said it would never happen. North Somerset Labour Party has welcomed the announcement made by Mrs May. "Fair enough, we are down in the polls right now but you only want an election because you know our policies will ga... [Full Article...]

Syria projectiles explode in northern Israel

Syria projectiles explode in northern Israel The UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) confirmed the attack but did not have additional details. Israel's Air Force reportedly carried out a strike in Syria , killing members of a pro-Assad militia. The source claimed that the strike came after an attempt by terrorists to infiltrate military positions in Quneitra was foiled and the terrorists suffered heavy losses, "which p... [Full Article...]

Martial, Rooney Score As Man United Ease Past Burnley

Martial, Rooney Score As Man United Ease Past Burnley A devastating counter-attack from a Burnley free-kick gave United the lead in the 21st minute. "(Martial) was very good, with the ball and without the ball in the middle of two strong central midfielders, without anyone in behind him because we had no number ten just behind him. [Full Article...]

Apple Unveils Ambitious Plans to Use Only Renewable, Recycled, Conflict-Free Materials

Despite these successes, Apple admits that there is still a long way to go. Apple also said it's 100 percent renewable in 24 countries and all of Apple's data centers. We love using iPhone but we never bother to think about its material. Mostly this applies to the Apple Watch, a device that millions of people sweat on every day. [Full Article...]

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