Education takes centre stage in election as Tories attacked on school funding

Some opinion polls have Prime Minister Theresa May's Conservative Party with nearly double the vote share of Corbyn's Labour a month before the elections . Mr Corbyn hit back and said: "If we win the election we'll get a good deal with Europe, a good deal with Europe that will ensure that the very large number of manufacturing jobs in Britain that rely on trade with Europe won't suddenly find t... [Full Article...]

United States expected to announce no charges in Louisiana black man's shooting

A spokesman for Landry said Tuesday that their office would not comment until after an official Justice Department announcement. On the other hand, if they have found such evidence, they will announce that the officers have been indicted on federal criminal civil rights charges . [Full Article...]

Here's When 'Guardians of Galaxy 2' Happens in the MCU Timeline

However, Michael Rooker is now listed as a member of the Infinity War cast on IMDB , which raises huge questions about the future of Yondu in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Finally falling to No. 2 this week is " Fate of the Furious ", bringing in an estimated $8.5 million and moving up a few slots on the all-time worldwide box office list. [Full Article...]

Comey: 'Mildly nauseous' FBI's Clinton probe could have impacted election

Colbert played clips of Wednesday's committee hearing in which Comey defended his decision to notify Congress that the Hillary Clinton investigation had reopened. "I can't consider for a second whose political futures will be affected and in what way", Comey said. Comey also said he does not think he was inconsistent by not also disclosing that the FBI had begun a counterintelligence investigati... [Full Article...]

Guardians Of The Galaxy Will Be Supporting Players In AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR

The scene features secondary villain Ayesha, a golden goddess and ruler of the Sovereign people, played Elizabeth Debicki, who reveals she has invested all the resources of her people into a special birthing pod able to create the flawless being - Adam - intent on wreaking revenge on the Guardians of the Galaxy. [Full Article...]

Trump Fires FBI Director Comey

Trump Fires FBI Director Comey Democrats accused Trump of using the email scandal as a fig leaf for getting rid of the head of the Federal Bureau of Investigation as it investigates possible Trump campaign connections to the Russians. Comey was scheduled to testify this week during an annual open hearing on worldwide threats. Before Comey confessed last week that he felt "mildly nauseous" at the thought that he might hav... [Full Article...]

Woodward and Bernstein stars of Trump-less White House Correspondents' Dinner

Woodward and Bernstein stars of Trump-less White House Correspondents' Dinner Meanwhile in Washington D.C., comedian Hasan Minhaj - who was hosting the event - roasted Trump in a scorching 25-minute speech. "If the media's job is to be honest and tell the truth", said the president , " then I think we would all agree that the media deserves a very very big fat failing grade". [Full Article...]

"Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2" tops box office in North America

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 will be the Number One film at the box office over the weekend. Now director James Gunn has teased when we'll get to see the threequel while thanking fans for all their support for the sequel's opening weekend. [Full Article...]

Princess Charlotte Elizabeth II Resemblance Second Birthday Photo

Princess Charlotte Elizabeth II Resemblance Second Birthday Photo For Princess Charlotte's first birthday a year ago, Kensington Palace released four pictures of the little girl. "The photograph was taken in April by The Duchess at their home in Norfolk", read a Facebook announcement about the picture. [Full Article...]

Engineer won't face charges in deadly 2015 train derailment

Engineer won't face charges in deadly 2015 train derailment Amtrak engineer won't be charged in. However, the announcement said engineer Brandon Bostian would not be charged because investigators could not conclude he acted "with criminal "intent" or criminal "knowledge" when the train derailed. [Full Article...]

Emma Watson wins MTV's first gender-neutral acting award

Emma Watson wins MTV's first gender-neutral acting award Emma Watson had high praise for MTV's move to remove gender qualifiers for its Movie and TV Awards. Stranger Things was decreed the Show of the Year , and its cast member, Millie Bobby Brown , was named Best Actor in a Show . "And it became my mission, and everyone's mission who was involved with this film, to dispel that myth, so that another young girl would not grow up thinking that her ... [Full Article...]

Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif unite to celebrate Anurag Basu's birthday

Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif unite to celebrate Anurag Basu's birthday Jagga Jasoos which marks Ranbir Kapoor's foray into production is slated to release on July 14 this year. Several pictures of the two in the same frame were shared recently, one where they posed for a selfie with their co-star Sayani Gupta and another where they were seen holding hands, in a still from the film, both giving fans of the couple hopes of their reconciliation. [Full Article...]

Star Wars: Mark Hamill pranks fans on 'May 4'

All you have to do is log in to your Sling account (there's a free trial available if you're not a customer right now), and go to the TBS page where you'll see the on demand options. "The Last Jedi", due this Christmas; the Han Solo movie next May; and the just-announced May 2019 release date for Episode IX . Streaming of the complete 40 Years of Star Wars panel at Star Wars Cel... [Full Article...]

Donald Trump Openly Wondered Why the Civil War Happened

Jackson's thoughts on the Civil War are unknown because he died in 1845, 16 years before the start of the war. Trump , who has at times shown a shaky grasp of US history, said he wonders why issues "could not have been worked out" in order to prevent the secession of 11 Southern states and a war that lasted four years and killed more than 600,000 soldiers. [Full Article...]

WWE: Randy Orton makes Smackdown return

WWE: Randy Orton makes Smackdown return Harper seems to have the match in his favor when Rowan grabs his sheep masks. Using pure power and sneaky thumb to the eye, Rowan bested his former brother and earned the pin. Breeze and Fandango got the win as they continue their momentum towards a shot at The Usos for the tag team titles later this month. Ziggler cuts a promo and jokes that some of it will probably be edited out. [Full Article...]

Prince Philip Responds To Retirement Well-Wisher With A Top-Notch Dad Joke

Prince Philip Responds To Retirement Well-Wisher With A Top-Notch Dad Joke Leaving Buckingham Palace for St James' Palace, to attend an Order of Merit service with The Queen just hours after his choice was publicised. Prince Philip has taken a typically irreverent view on his own retirement today telling one man who said he was sorry he was standing down: "Well I can't stand up for much longer". [Full Article...]

New photo as Prince Charlotte turns two

Kensington Palace has shared a new birthday portrait of the toddler ahead of her birthday celebration. In this undated handout image released by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge , Princess Charlotte is pictured at home in April in Norfolk, England. [Full Article...]

Never too old! Queen Elizabeth, 91, spotted DRIVING from church

Never too old! Queen Elizabeth, 91, spotted DRIVING from church Her Majesty was on her way back from the Royal Chapel of All Saints where she had been at church. And, in potentially the best royal story ever, the Queen is rumoured to have once "terrorised" the then-Crown Prince Abdullah of Saudi Arabia with her driving skills. [Full Article...]

Clooney's birthday cake in shape of tequila bar

Clooney's birthday cake in shape of tequila bar The human rights lawyer, who's now pregnant with twins , got them a Casamigos cake complete with cutouts of both them. "Celebrating our Birthdays @ casamigos style", he captioned the image. With less than a month to go before George Clooney and wife Amal Clooney welcome twins, the duo has a pretty firm birthing plan in place. News while adding that the human rights lawyer will give birth ... [Full Article...]

Michael Rooker talks Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

The Fast & Furious franchise has been called the unofficial summer-season starter despite its traditional mid-April date, and The Fate of the Furious scored just under $100 million for its debut, the smaller part of its record worldwide debut. [Full Article...]

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