Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Box Office Mojo estimates that the film could gross over $400 million domestically in total. There isn't much of note at the box office this weekend apart from " Guardians ". Finally falling to No. 2 this week is " Fate of the Furious ", bringing in an estimated $8.5 million and moving up a few slots on the all-time worldwide box office list. [Full Article...]

"Confirmed Fatalities" After Reported Explosion At Manchester Arena

The incident occurred Monday night following Grande's performance at the Manchester Arena as concert goers, many of them young children and teens, were leaving the venue, around 10:30 p.m. May, who faces an election in two-and-a-half weeks, said her thoughts were with the victims and their families. There were no immediate details of what happened during the concert. [Full Article...]

Unemployment rates hit record lows in 3 states

For example, EDD said San Francisco County's unemployment rate in April was only 2.7 percent, with 543,900 holding jobs in a reported workforce of 559,100. Will Houston can be reached at 707-441-0504. "It is the goal of everyone in this department, and that of our workforce partners across the state, to do everything possible to help Tennesseans go back to work, so when we compare year-to-year n... [Full Article...]

Know All About How Mother's Day Was Founded

Know All About How Mother's Day Was Founded Mother's Day is her turn to be the recipient of good things. It's been 12 years since I celebrated Mother's Day with my mom for the last time. How dare she not make you breakfast, you are the REASON she can even celebrate Mother's Day. [Full Article...]

Wizkid Takes Home 3 Billboard Music Awards

Drake accepts the top artist award at the Billboard Music Awards at the T-Mobile Arena. In honor of Titanic's 20th anniversary, Dion delivered a high-drama performance of the movie's theme My Heart Will Go On. She was teary eyed at the end of the performance. She recently broke Aretha Franklin's record for most songs placed on the Billboard Hot 100 chart by a female artist. [Full Article...]

Miley Cyrus Breaks Down While Performing 'Malibu' At 2017 Billboard Music Awards

News. " Miley looked so smitten over her man". It wasn't that Cyrus was ever a harm to society, she was just wild. In 2010 she starred in "The Last Song" with (now her fiancée) Liam Hemsworth . The Wrecking Ball singer was spotted in amongst the crowd as she stopped by Access Hollywood Live, holding balloons and a sign promoting her new release. [Full Article...]

Rebel Wilson gives evidence in Vic court

Rebel Wilson gives evidence in Vic court The Pitch Perfect star is not happy with how she was portrayed by a few magazine articles. In her lawsuit, which was filed against titles Woman's Day , The Australian Women's Weekly , New Weekly and OK!, the actress claimed the articles damaged her reputation and she lost out on movie roles because of the allegations. [Full Article...]

Katy Perry getting $25 million for American Idol reboot

Katy Perry getting $25 million for American Idol reboot Perry has always been one of the bigger hitters on YouTube, of course: her official Vevo channel has 22.6 million subscribers and just over 12bn lifetime views, while her secondary non-Vevo channel has 325.5m views and 776k subscribers. Longtime host Ryan Seacrest, who also earned as much as $15 million during his tenure, is "on the verge" of signing on to return to the show, according to TMZ ... [Full Article...]

Koeman to issue statement over Barkley future

Asked how contract talks stood with Lukaku - the league's top scorer - and Barkley, Koeman said he "didn't know", though the midfielder's situation would be resolved soon. Injuries have blighted his season to the point where he has made just seven Premier League starts this season, and hasn't completed more than an hour of a match since December. [Full Article...]

Nicole Kidman looks flawless on the red carpet during Cannes Film Festival

Kidman has been hailed as the "Queen of Cannes ", appearing in four projects, two of which are in the running for the Palme d'Or , while another is the festival's first television screening. Lanthimos admitted he was "lucky" to be able to cast major stars who were " ready to jump in and make this kind of film". She shared: "Keith and I always say that we are just so lucky to have each other. [Full Article...]

Canadian connection: Drake meets Celine Dion at Billboards

The singer, who turned 71 the day before, was handed the icon award by Gwen Stefani at the Las Vegas award ceremony. The crowd at the Las Vegas T-Mobile Arena was treated to her turning back the clock to sing two of her biggest hits - Believe (1998) and If I Could Turn Back Time (1989). [Full Article...]

Paresh Rawal shouldn't have dragged woman into stone-pelting issue: Shaina NC

Paresh Rawal shouldn't have dragged woman into stone-pelting issue: Shaina NC One user mocked the veteran actor's tweet by insisting that he was venting his frustration for not being able to understand Arundhati Roy's Booker prize-winning The God of Small Things. "Instead of tying stone pelter on the army jeep tie Arundhati Roy!", the Lok Sabha member tweeted on late Sunday night. However, Arundhati Roy was not known to have made any open statement on the human shield iss... [Full Article...]

Thousands Gather At Jantar Mantar To Protest Saharanpur Violence

Thousands Gather At Jantar Mantar To Protest Saharanpur Violence However, the group which has been silently working among Dalits and now runs nearly 300 schools in Saharanpur and districts in its vicinity, shot to national prominence due to its protests against the atrocities in Saharanpur . Around 15 people were injured during the violence. This was the second clash in Saharanpur in a fortnight involving Dalits. So many people are in the hospitals not e... [Full Article...]

Inside Pulse Scorecard for WWE Backlash 2017

Last night at WWE Backlash , Shinsuke Nakamura finally made his in-ring debut. Tye Dillinger has three wins since making his debut on WWE SmackDown last month. "Hopefully, I will be WWE Champion when the time to face Cena comes.", he said when asked about his dream opponent in the company. In the process, Mahal, who is a Canadian national, has become the second wrestler of Indian desc... [Full Article...]

Drake Bows Down To His Nation's Honorary Queen, Céline Dion

Dion, 49, also struggled to hold back her tears when she performed her huge 1997 hit, My Heart Will Go On (from the Titanic movie), reported The Sun. "Law Roach is my stylist who brought it to me", she told ET. At the end of the video, Celine is seen nodding her head along to the beat, with her eyes fixed intently on the screen. [Full Article...]

Graduates walk out on Pence at Notre Dame commencement

A religious social conservative, Pence is a former IN governor who was born IN the state and also served as one of its representatives IN Congress for 12 years. The vice president decried "safe zones" and "speech codes" as "destructive of learning and the pursuit of knowledge, and they are wholly outside the American tradition". [Full Article...]

Florida Muslim convert killed roommates over disrespect to his faith

Florida Muslim convert killed roommates over disrespect to his faith He led police to the bodies after he released two customers and an employee he'd taken hostage at a nearby smoke shop, officers said. After being called to the hostage scene and arresting Arthurs, police located the bodies of Jeremy Himmelman , 22, and Andrew Oneschuk , 18, inside an apartment at the Hamptons Condominium complex. [Full Article...]

Drake scores big in early Billboard Music Awards winners

Drake will perform later in the show. "She has no fear, and when you work with someone who is tall and handsome and talented, and they're not afraid of putting on anything, then, you know, it' a match made in heaven", he added. The 30-year-old rapper kicked off his heartfelt speech as he picked up his prize for Top 200 Billboard album - given to him for his 2016 record " Views " - by forgiving ... [Full Article...]

Bill Condon will direct 2019 'Bride of Frankenstein' remake

Deadline has also confirmed that the next film in the monster franchise will be Bride of Frankenstein , to be helmed by Bill Condon (Beauty and the Beast) for a February 14, 2019 , release. The teaser is comprised of clips from Universal's classic monster movies, accompanied by #DannyElfman's new score. "Working outside the aegis of any government, and with practices concealed by millennia of... [Full Article...]

Watch Lust For Life HERE!

Watch Lust For Life HERE! Lana is keeping plenty busy, with the release of her album Lust For Life presumably around the corner. The video plays on the two attributes of the performers, with Lana Del Rey opening in a soft focus 60s-inclined dance routine. In an interview with KROQ, Del Rey revealed the track, entitled "Beautiful People, Beautiful Problems", came about when her producer Rick Nowels - who went to high-... [Full Article...]

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