North Korea vows to find 'plot' culprits

Vice-Foreign Minister Han Song Ryol called a meeting of foreign diplomats to outline the North's allegation the CIA and South Korea's intelligence agency bribed and coerced a North Korean man into joining in the assassination plot, which it claims was thwarted in April. [Full Article...]

UK: Vijay Mallya's extradition hearing deferred to June 13

UK: Vijay Mallya's extradition hearing deferred to June 13 Ahead of it, a joint investigative team of the Central Bureau of Investigation and the Enforcement Department had visited London to brief the state prosecutor, known as the Crown's counsel, who will be arguing India's case. The total outstanding loan with interest stands at Rs 9000 crore. Referring to the Karnataka High Court order, the apex court said it restrained Mallya and others from transf... [Full Article...]

Cinnabon offering free treats to nurses during National Nurses Week

Cinnabon offering free treats to nurses during National Nurses Week National Nurses Week begins each year on May 6, and ends on May 12, Florence Nightingale's birthday. As the healthcare industry celebrates National Nurses Week, Express Healthcare Professionals, a leading provider of nurse staffing in Portland, OR , is excited to show appreciation for the hardworking nurses in the Portland area. [Full Article...]

Dry, warm Mother's Day Weekend with storms back next week

Dry, warm Mother's Day Weekend with storms back next week By the middle of next week get ready for summer as we will be into the 80s! Heading into Friday , you're going to want to grab that umbrella again. Monday looks quiet for most with rain chances in far western OK. Temperatures will start out in the low 50s, but quickly climb. Winds are out of the north around 10 to 15 miles per hour, with higher gusts. [Full Article...]

NHS cyber attack part of 'wider global attack': PM Theresa May

NHS cyber attack part of 'wider global attack': PM Theresa May In most cases, they change the wallpaper of the computer and give specific instructions telling the user how to pay to recover their files. "When you see the # of victims of ransomware attack using NSA's EternalBlue you realize how easy it was for them to penetrate adversaries", Wysopal tweeted. [Full Article...]

CHSE plus II science results 2017 declared, three schools score 0

CHSE plus II science results 2017 declared, three schools score 0 A total of 90,643 students appeared for the science stream exam. The anxiously waiting students of Odisha Plus II Science examination results will then be able to access their scores and check how well they have fared. Orissa CHSC Result 2017 is expected to topple the previous year records, in terms of overall pass percentage and individual records. It rules out most Odisha students from getting... [Full Article...]

Ibuprofen Can Up Heart Attack Risk

Ibuprofen Can Up Heart Attack Risk Helen Stokes-Lampard, chair of the Royal College of Global Positioning System, says that it is important that the results of this study, and others, are taken on board to inform clinical guidelines and patients themselves, but says that in general, fewer NSAIDs are now being used by Global Positioning System to treat chronic pain. [Full Article...]

Massive, fast-moving cyberattack hits as many as 74 countries

According to security sources, this attack probably wasn't a nation state leveraging vast resources and spending months to break into a target, as we saw with the Sony hack, the infiltration of the Democratic National Committee in the USA elections, or the attack that took a French TV station offline. [Full Article...]

European markets drop despite Macron win

One of Macron's immediate tasks will be to name his prime minister who will govern between now and the parliamentary elections on June 11 and 18, and perhaps beyond. Macron's victory, by 66 percent to 34, was more comfortable than surveys had predicted, and has triggered a rare public display of disagreement among National Front officials and allies over campaign policies. [Full Article...]

U.S. and China sign trade agreement

U.S. and China sign trade agreement WASHINGTON (AP ) — China will finally open its borders to USA beef while cooked Chinese poultry is closer to hitting American supermarket shelves as part of a U.S. Both countries got together twice a year. That's not to mention a host of unmentioned barriers that those companies face in China, including a new cyber law set to go into effect in the country on June 1. [Full Article...]

Euro, shares rally on relief as Macron wins French presidency

The news sends a signal to politicians to the left and right of Macron's year-old Republic on the Move party that they can not sit on the fence as they seek to position themselves for the June elections that will complete the political landscape for the next five years. [Full Article...]

Lebanon blames Israel for anti-Hezbollah telecoms hacking

Lebanon blames Israel for anti-Hezbollah telecoms hacking Meanwhile, Hezbollah's War Media Center Friday announced that Hezbollah units had handed over positions in Tfail, Brital's outskirts, Haam and Maaraboun to the Army. "There will be no place that is out of reach of the rockets of the resistance or the boots of the resistance fighters". The Secretary General of Hezbollah has claimed that a future confrontation between the Lebanon-based terror grou... [Full Article...]

45000 cyber attacks carried out in 74 countries: Kaspersky Lab

Authorities in the United Kingdom and in Spain, where internal telecom IT systems were infected with malware, said the attack appeared to be "ransomware" - malicious software that infects systems, encrypts data and locks access then demands a payment. [Full Article...]

"Ransomware" cyberattack cripples hospitals across England

NHS Digital said 16 organisations within the health service had seen their IT systems affected as of 3.30pm by a ransomware attack, using malware called " Wanna Decryptor ". Hospitals affected stay they are shutting down all computer systems as a protective measure. Security firm Avast said it has detected the ransomware, largely attacking Russia, Ukraine and Taiwan. [Full Article...]

United States will reportedly ban carry-on laptops on all flights from Europe

United States will reportedly ban carry-on laptops on all flights from Europe Amid concerns that the devices' lithium-iron batteries could start a fire ― which happened 33 times past year ― in the cargo hold, the DHS is reviewing safety protocols, Reuters noted. That is coupled with continued concern about former ISIS fighters from Western Europe returning home and being able to easily travel to the USA on passports from countries that don't require a visa. [Full Article...]

Sushi lovers warned of parasite danger in raw fish

Sushi lovers warned of parasite danger in raw fish Doctors performed an endoscopy on the man, inserting a long tube with a camera into the stomach. Pictures revealed the larva of a worm-like parasite firmly attached to an area of his stomach, which was swollen and inflamed. "This is actually the worm moving in the mouth or throat". Sometimes, vomiting expels the worm . Fortunately, there aren't a lot of cases - yet - in the United States. [Full Article...]

India Urges UN Court to Stop Pakistan Executing 'Spy'

India Urges UN Court to Stop Pakistan Executing 'Spy' The ICJ is set to hear the matter on Monday. The report added that the Attorney General was told in the briefing that Pakistan can't accept ICJ's jurisdiction in Kulbhushan Jadhav case as it relates to its national stability. While Pakistan is free to cite legal and technical points in its favour, it hardly requires iteration that it should avoid any precipitate move that would frustrate the ong... [Full Article...]

US prosecutors told to push for more, harsher punishments

The change would trigger longer prison sentences. He canceled a Holder policy that said prosecutors should not use sentencing enhancement motions to coerce guilty pleas. Sessions says the opioid scourge shows the need to return to tougher tactics. "It failed for 40 years, and from the halls of state legislatures to the ballot box, the American people have said with a clear voice that they want com... [Full Article...]

Patient records 'not compromised' in NHS cyber attack, says PM

The attack in Spain has been blamed on a piece of malware called WannaCry, or WCry, as Financial Times security editor Sam Jones reports . Attacks were reported in England and Scotland, as well as Turkey, Vietnam, the Philippines, Japan and Russian Federation. [Full Article...]

USA to Ban In-Cabin Laptops on Flights from Europe

The Daily Beast reports the ban includes flights from all European airports. Officials from the Department of Homeland Security were to meet with officials from the airline industry Thursday to discuss the issue. A representative of DHS told Skift that plans to extend the electronics ban have yet to be finalized but are under consideration. Some airline officials say they would need to hire m... [Full Article...]

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