President to launch GST on midnight of 30th June

President to launch GST on midnight of 30th June Reminiscent of Indias tryst with destiny at the midnight of August 15, 1947, Parliaments historic Central Hall will host a function on the intervening night of June 30-July 1 to ring in the nations biggest tax reform – GST. Addressing the question of GST's impact on GDP, he said "I anticipate in the long term, being a more efficient system, the revenue inflow and spending capacity of the centre an... [Full Article...]

MCSI to announce if China's domestic stocks get the nod

Financial Services Commission Vice Chairman Jeong Eun-bo speaks at a policy meeting on how to cope with the MSCI's inclusion of 222 China A Large Cap shares to the benchmark emerging markets index Wednesday. The review is the fourth straight year MSCI has considered adding the mainland-traded stocks, known as A-shares in China. Numerous obstacles in the original proposal discussed three ye... [Full Article...]

Yoga as good for lower back pain as physical therapy

Yoga as good for lower back pain as physical therapy They were assigned to one of three treatment groups: a weekly yoga class for 12 weeks, 15 physical therapy (PT) visits, or an informational group that received materials about coping with back pain. "The yoga and physical therapy groups showed nearly the same amount of improvement in pain and activity limitation over time ", the study read . Nevertheless, the researchers are confident that t... [Full Article...]

US warplane blasts Syrian drone from sky

US warplane blasts Syrian drone from sky Tuesday's statement from the worldwide coalition stressed that the global effort remained focused on ISIS but said that coalition forces had the right to self-defense. Both Russia and Syria claim the SU-22 was engaged in an operation against ISIS about 25 miles south-west of Raqqa when it was shot down , in the first downing of a Syrian jet by the the country's six year civil war. [Full Article...]

Hospital: US congressman Scalise still in critical condition

Hospital: US congressman Scalise still in critical condition Hodgkinson died after being shot by police. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite, File). Trump sat by the bedside of the wounded congressman and spoke with his doctors and wife, Jennifer, for 15 minutes, reports the Guardian. Sava said Scalise would need to undergo an additional operation within the next 48 hours and more beyond that. "Our family asks that you continue to pray for Steve, Matt Mika, Z... [Full Article...]

Woman goes on racist tirade demanding a "white doctor" for her son

Woman goes on racist tirade demanding a She also said that she wanted doctor who did not have "brown teeth", speaks "perfect English" and was born in Canada. The woman proceeds to get up from her chair - with her young son in tow - and walks toward the front counter. "You're all attacking me because I'm white ". She actually says all of this. "Being white in this country..." In response, Teelucksingh believes, non-white professio... [Full Article...]

Pak army mocks India after Champions Trophy victory

A similar reception was accorded to Man-of-the-Match in the final, Fakhar Zaman , who smashed 114 off 106 balls, when he landed in Peshawar. Muslim villagers in India could face up to life in prison after they were arrested and charged for celebrating Pakistan's victory in the Champions Trophy . [Full Article...]

Uber confirms CEO Travis Kalanick has resigned

Uber confirms CEO Travis Kalanick has resigned Holder's recommendations, which were announced last week, included reevaluating Kalanick's responsibilities at the company as well as "enhancing board oversight" and boosting the board's independence. "And because Uber grew so fast these growing pains are much more serious", Camp wrote. Uber, which is the world's richest venture-backed startup valued at some US$ 68 billion (RM291 billion), oper... [Full Article...]

Tips for drivers and higher fees

Seattle-area Uber drivers are praising the company's move to allow tipping on the ride-service app for the first time, saying the change marks a positive shift in how Uber is prioritizing drivers' complaints. This news is big because Uber was famously anti-tipping. While Uber headquarters might be undergoing a cultural makeover, the same protections won't necessarily extend to drivers ... [Full Article...]

Cheering 1st day of summer? Not in Phoenix when 120 expected

Temperature records have already fallen across California and heat will build throughout the week. It could get even hotter on Wednesday, with a forecast temperature of 109 degrees. The record high is 122 degrees. American Airlines spokesman Ross Feinstein told the Associated Press the carrier began limiting sales on some flights to prevent the planes from exceeding maximum weight for safe t... [Full Article...]

Former USWNT Coach Tony DiCicco Dies at Age 68

Former USWNT Coach Tony DiCicco Dies at Age 68 He led the side to its first-ever Olympic gold medal at the 1996 Summer Games in Atlanta, and his tenure culminated with a win at the 1999 FIFA Women's World Cup. She said DiCicco would walk on the field and say, "I love my job". He became the league commissioner at the end of the first season. He leaves a wife and four sons. [Full Article...]

US military shoots down Iranian-made drone in southern Syria

But Damascus has said the jet was carrying out a "combatant mission against ISIS terrorist organisation". The Russian defense ministry says in a statement that, starting Monday, it will track all jets and drones of the US -led coalition west of the Euphrates and treat them as targets. [Full Article...]

County jobless rate hits 2017 low

County jobless rate hits 2017 low Lyon County, which long led the state with the highest unemployment rate, was second highest with 5.4 percent. Auglaize County reported 3.4 percent unemployment for the month. Campbell County ranked third highest in the state behind Natrona County at 5.4 percent and Fremont at 5.3 percent. The drop in the jobless rate prompted a comment from the governor. [Full Article...]

Pakistan team likely to get reception in Parliament House

Pakistan team likely to get reception in Parliament House Passions run high over cricket in India - particularly when it comes to arch-rival Pakistan. Two weeks ago, Pakistan were so bad they were barely playing cricket. "They were more intense and more passionate", he said. Hundreds of fans gave Pakistan captain Sarfraz Ahmed a hero's welcome as he arrived home carrying the Champions Trophy early on Tuesday. [Full Article...]

Baba Ramdev performs yoga with thousands of people

Baba Ramdev performs yoga with thousands of people These aasanas will help you reduce your tummy. Ramdev also said that it was Prime Minister Indira Gandhi who initially began Yoga as a public event through Acharya Dhirendra and later PM Modi introduced Yoga to large masses. He even claimed that he had got an invitation from Pakistan to hold a yoga event. Ramdev was talking on the sidelines of a yoga camp at the GMDC ground in the city. [Full Article...]

'Get back! Get back!': Police releases audio after killing a pregnant woman

Police Sgt. Mark Jamieson said two officers went to Lyles' address after she called to report a burglary. Lyles' family told reporters on Sunday that she suffered from mental health issues and appeared to be having a breakdown of some sort when she called the police for help. [Full Article...]

Russian jet conducts ´unsafe´ intercept of United States plane

Russian jet conducts ´unsafe´ intercept of United States plane The Russian defence ministry said that a U.S. reconnaissance RC-135 plane had swerved dangerously in the proximity of a Russian Su-27 fighter jet over the Baltic Sea, RIA news agency reported. "On June 19, a US Air Force RC-135 flying in the global air space over the Baltic Sea was intercepted by a Russian Su-27 flanker", Davis told reporters. [Full Article...]

Ukraine's Poroshenko scores White House meeting

Ukraine's Poroshenko scores White House meeting And Trump's campaign stance on it made Ukrainians nervous: His campaign manager used to work for Viktor Yanukovych, the former Ukrainian president and friend of Russian President Vladimir Putin . Despite the less-than-warm welcome, Trump and Poroshenko - on paper - would seem to have a lot in common. Trump has said he wants better relations with Russian Federation, but his goal has been compl... [Full Article...]

Health Department getting started on medical marijuana rulemaking

Health Department getting started on medical marijuana rulemaking Franklin Labs LLC , Reading, Berks County. The full list of 27 dispensaries awarded permits will be released later this month, Collins said. Standard Farms LLC, White Haven, Luzerne County. When it's implemented, which is set for 2018, it will allow patients with certain medical conditions to receive medical marijuana. The state's medical marijuana law was enacted previous year. [Full Article...]

Armed Russian Jet Comes Within 5 Feet Of US Recon Jet

On Sunday, the US shot down a Syrian regime warplane, and on Tuesday, an American fighter downed a regime-backed drone. The Su-27 was reportedly armed with air-to-air missiles, and carried out what one defense official categorized as a "provocative flight path" in its intercept of the reconnaissance plane. [Full Article...]

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