UK PM Theresa May talks Brexit with French President-Elect Emmanuel Macron

UK PM Theresa May talks Brexit with French President-Elect Emmanuel Macron Emmanuel Macron really became president that night. (Forward!) - has no seats in the legislature which is dominated by Socialists and Republicans. In the end, Wilders was beaten in the Dutch election in March and Petry was pushed out by her Alternative for Germany party in April as it trailed Germany's two main parties by some 20 percentage points. [Full Article...]

Trump signs order to reverse Obama's ban on Arctic drilling

The Executive Order Implementing an America-First Offshore Energy Strategy directs the Interior Department to review restrictive oil and gas drilling policies for the outer-continental shelf, offshore wind development, current regulations and the Obama administration's actions. [Full Article...]

Confirmed: The OnePlus 5 is Coming This Summer

Confirmed: The OnePlus 5 is Coming This Summer OnePlus is based in China and number 4 is considered unlucky in China. It's similar to the practice in the United States and other countries of omitting the 13th floor from buildings, or row 13 on passenger airliners - the product of triskaidekaphobia. [Full Article...]

Prey completed in less than 45 minutes, a new world record

You'd be surprised how much you can make use of this. Before we begin crafting, you'll (probably) also need to remove the "Copy Protection" on the Neuromod Fabrication Plans. The game is also peppered with a variety of missions that require you to journey into orbit around the Talos I, recovering various data and allowing you ease of access to spaces you've already discovered. [Full Article...]

Trump advisor meets with key critic of Venezuela's Maduro

Venezuelan opposition leader Maria Corina Machado (C) attends the women's march. At least 37 people have been killed and hundreds wounded in more than a month of anti-government protests, with demonstrators blaming Maduro for growing food shortage and the world's highest inflation rate. [Full Article...]

Alabama Senator: 'A lot' of changes could come to healthcare bill

Stephanopoulos also pressed the speaker to answer critics who asserted that the bill unfairly benefited the wealthy by rolling back the taxes on high income earners that helped fund the Affordable Care Act, the law better known as Obamacare . [Full Article...]

Record-breaking astronaut tells Trump she's ready to go to Mars

NASA astronauts Jack Fischer and Kate Rubins also participated, as did Trump's daughter, Ivanka. " We also are cleaning up our urine and making it drinkable , and it's really not as bad as it sounds", she said, eliciting a smirk from Trump. [Full Article...]

Buffett criticizes United and its CEO over dragging incident

I've admired Jeff, and I've admired him for a long, long time. "The performance of these units in transition will each be a test of succession planning", said Lawrence Cunningham, a law professor at George Washington University who has written about Berkshire. [Full Article...]

55% Want To Use Voice To Control Entertainment Devices

The new Amazon Echo is supposed to make it easier for users to access content, such as weather forecasts, calendar events and the news . The voice-enabled virtual assistant segment is also growing, with almost 60.5 million people in the United States engaging with one of the many digital assistants at least once every month in 2017. [Full Article...]

Appeals court to weigh challenge to revised Trump travel ban

Appeals court to weigh challenge to revised Trump travel ban Of the 13 judges hearing the case, three were appointed by Republican presidents and nine were appointed by Democrats. The judges' decision signifies the importance of the case and their desire to settle the issue more quickly. policy, has led to a reduction of people coming to the United States in the past few months. The White House is fighting that ruling in the Ninth US Circuit Court of Appe... [Full Article...]

European stocks are dipping despite Macron's decisive election victory

Theresa May has asked voters to give her an electoral mandate as big as French president-elect Emmanuel Macron's , in order to make it easier for her to negotiate Brexit. "The message that France is sending to the world is wonderful, we love Europe and we love France". Emmanuel Macron won a resounding victory in the French presidential election but the focus shifted immediately Monday to whet... [Full Article...]

Apple announces $1B fund to create advanced manufacturing jobs in the US

Apple is under pressure from President Trump to bring manufacturing jobs back to the U.S. "And so to invest in the United States, we have to borrow", said Cook. Apple reported a 4.6% rise in revenue across the whole company to $52.9bn (£41bn), slightly below analysts' forecasts. Apple CEO Tim Cook has said he remains enthusiastic about business opportunity in China, the world's largest sma... [Full Article...]

Duterte congratulates new France President Macron

Duterte congratulates new France President Macron She told her supporters at her campaign headquarters that the new divide in France is between "globalists and patriots". Le Pen had 36 percent - about double what Jean-Marie Le Pen, her father and co-founder of their National Front party, achieved at the same stage in the 2002 presidential election. [Full Article...]

Some Galaxy S8 users experience Wi-Fi and wireless charging issues

The phone's battery blasted that had a huge negative impact on the smartphone manufacturer that made them focus heavily on the battery part. No doubt that the S8 and S8+ phones are two of the best premium flagships of 2017. It suggests that an irregular charge state has been detected and wireless charging has stopped. When these charging pads are used with the normal charger and not the fast cha... [Full Article...]

New footage of canned Sonic hoverboard game surfaces

New footage of canned Sonic hoverboard game surfaces YouTube channel, has unveiled Sonic Extreme , a canceled project predating the somewhat similar Sonic Riders. A racing game involving Back To The Future 2-style hoverboards, Sonic Extreme would have been a riff on the old Mario Kart (or Sonic Drift ) template. [Full Article...]

Study reveals the shocking extent of revenge porn in Australia

Study reveals the shocking extent of revenge porn in Australia Chief researcher Dr Nicola Henry said that revenge porn had become more than just revenge, and sometimes it was used just as a bullying tactic. Twenty per cent of respondents had had images or videos of a nude or sexual nature taken without their consent; 11% had had them shared; and 9% had received threats that images of themselves would be shared. [Full Article...]

SpaceX just broke a 10-year monopoly on launching top-secret spy satellites

SpaceX just broke a 10-year monopoly on launching top-secret spy satellites Department of Defense . Minutes before the launch, Musk had warned that "winds aloft are unusually high", calling the conditions "worrying, but not a showstopper". NROL-76 was originally scheduled to launch on Sunday, but was delayed due to an issue with a sensor on the first stage engine, according to SpaceX . [Full Article...]

Trump congratulates NASA astronaut who sets space record

Having done her eighth spacewalk in March, she also holds the record for the most spacewalks by a woman astronaut. "As I have said many times before, only by enlisting the full potential of women in our society will we be truly able to make America great again". [Full Article...]

Pokemon Go Grass Event Starts This Weekend

Pokemon Go Grass Event Starts This Weekend That means you'll not only see grass Pokemon more often, you'll likely find them in unusual places where this type of pocket monsters isn't regularly encountered. Some players, however, have something in mind other than the mentioned event. Imagine sitting at a McDonald's store, eating your fries and burger, and just waiting for various Pokemon to spawn near you in Pokemon GO . [Full Article...]

Samsung to Issue Software Patches for Galaxy S8

Samsung to Issue Software Patches for Galaxy S8 Samsung accounted for 26% of global smartphone sales in the first quarter of this year, ahead of Apple's 17%, according to TrendForce. Samsung galaxy s8 is the smartphone which is number one trending the world. The Samsung Galaxy S8 is without a doubt the most attractive phone I've ever seen, and while I've kept a case on about every phone I've owned, I'd want to make the S8 an exception. [Full Article...]

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