North Korea May Be Linked To WannaCry Ransomware, Researchers Say

The latest attack was widespread, forcing the shut-down of hospitals and other businesses around the world. The ransomware encrypts victims' files in a computer until they pay for decrypting them. Fewer than 10 USA organizations have reported attacks to the Department of Homeland Security since Friday, a US official told reporters on Tuesday. Microsoft said on Tuesday it was aware of Shadow ... [Full Article...]

Destiny 2 PC release exclusive to platform

Destiny 2 PC release exclusive to platform While they may be disappointed by Destiny 2's lack of them, many console-based Destiny players have also long requested dedicated servers for the sequel. Destiny 2 launches September 8 for PS4, Xbox One and PC. We look forward to further clarification on the contents of the Beta, more details would come during E3 in Los Angeles. [Full Article...]

Kushner proposed secret communication channel with Kremlin

Investigators believe Kushner, who is married to the President's eldest daughter Ivanka , has significant information relevant to their inquiry. The use Russian communications equipment he said Kushner proposed using carried security risks for both Russia and the Trump transition team. [Full Article...]

NATO to lend support to coalition against ISIL, says Sec.-Gen. Stoltenberg

NATO to lend support to coalition against ISIL, says Sec.-Gen. Stoltenberg Trump will discuss about NATO's role in curbing increasing Taliban violence and attacks by the Islamic State group in Afghanistan , reports said. He also has so far refused to commit to abiding by Article 5, in which member nations vow to come to each other's defense. [Full Article...]

Senate panel threatens Flynn with criminal contempt over subpoenas

Trump associates Paul Manafort and Roger Stone have provided the committee with information, while former campaign adviser Carter Page has not. "If all of this is part of a pattern of interference by the White House or worse, we have to find out", Schiff said at The Christian Science Monitor Breakfast in Washington . [Full Article...]

Why Ramadan is called Ramadan

Why Ramadan is called Ramadan In addition to performing acts of charity and giving up food and drink during daytime hours for a month, Muslims focus on prayer and self-accountability. However, it is always a 30-day-long tradition. At the end of the 29 or 30 days of fasting, Muslims celebrate Eid al-Fitr which literally means "festival of breaking the fast" in Arabic. [Full Article...]

Nearly 200 arrested in California in new immigration raids

Nearly 200 arrested in California in new immigration raids The crackdown, which ended Wednesday and was spearheaded by US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), focused on people with prior criminal offenses including for drug trafficking, rape and domestic violence, authorities said. Under President Barack Obama's administration, ICE was not allowed to arrest or target certain groups of people, Marin said. She said his green card had been renewed m... [Full Article...]

Ariana Grande suspends tour following Manchester terror attack

The U.K.'s terrorism threat has been raised from "severe" to "critical" - the highest level - for the first time since 2007, meaning another attack may be imminent. Officials are probing how often Abedi had traveled to Libya, which has seen an eruption of armed Islamist groups since dictator Moammar Gadhafi was overthrown and killed in 2011. [Full Article...]

Roger Ailes had strong roots in native OH, friends say

The 77-year-old Ailes died Thursday morning at his home in Palm Beach, Florida. Ailes was born in Warren in northeast OH and attended Warren G. Harding High School. The caller said Ailes was not responding appropriately to questions and was still on the ground. " Roger Ailes experienced that hatred and it killed him". [Full Article...]

Far Cry 5 will support two-player co-op across the full campaign

Far Cry 5 will support two-player co-op across the full campaign Vehicles include American muscle cars, boats, big rigs, ATVs, and even planes. Weapons include the usual guns and grenades as well as melee options like a sledgehammer. PlayStation 4 owners will obtain additional content at launch while Xbox One and PC users can retrieve theirs from the Ubisoft club . Besides having a potential friend along with you to fan the fires of resistance, you'll find p... [Full Article...]

The Stark Kids Reunite on New 'Game of Thrones' Magazine Covers

The Stark Kids Reunite on New 'Game of Thrones' Magazine Covers However, don't be sad just yet since HBO is now working on five separated shows which are set on " Game of Thrones " universe, AceShowbiz said. But otherwise, it's been six whole seasons since House Stark was united. Creators David Benioff and Dan Weiss and the show's writers are now writing the last season. "I sing a song and then she goes, 'Oh, that's a nice song.'" Right to the point. [Full Article...]

Twitter reacts to Sixers fortune in 2017 NBA Draft Lottery

With its most recent lottery pick, NY drafted power forward Kristaps Porzingis, who has since become a franchise cornerstone . "I know I must be a genius to plan it this well". "It makes a lot of sense to keep these picks". The team with the best odds has now won the lottery three straight years after a decade of that happening only once. [Full Article...]

Europeans making sales pitch to Trump on climate accord

Europeans making sales pitch to Trump on climate accord For the self-styled "deal maker" it will be much harder for him to get things done internationally if he tries to sabotage the climate efforts of the rest of the world. White House adviser Ivanka Trump set up a review process to make sure her father received information from experts in both the public and private sector before making a decision on the agreement. [Full Article...]

India is a victim of terrorism, says Donald Trump in Saudi Arabia

Apparently making nice to Muslims around the world does not include those that live in his own country. To be sure, Trump's predecessors have also forged close ties with Saudi Arabia, an important USA partner in the Middle East , and other nations with questionable human rights records. [Full Article...]

Lungu Blocks SA's DA Leader Maimane From Entering Zambia

Lungu Blocks SA's DA Leader Maimane From Entering Zambia Zambia's government has not yet commented on the statement by South Africa's main opposition Democratic Alliance (DA) that its leader had been expelled. "I was not allowed off the aircraft and was told I was not welcome in Zambia". "I want to go back and stand side-by-side with them‚" Maimane said. [Full Article...]

NASA Weighs Early Exploration Mission to All Metal 16-Psyche Asteroid

NASA Weighs Early Exploration Mission to All Metal 16-Psyche Asteroid NASA has dramatically moved up the schedule for its highly anticipated Psyche mission: We'll get to check out this fantastic metal asteroid four years sooner than we'd thought. Its location and composition will offer scientists a look into the violent collisions that formed Earth and the other terrestrial planets. "The world will see this awesome metal world so much sooner". [Full Article...]

Trump tweets after Middle East trip: 'Trying hard for PEACE'

The video shows Trump walking on the tarmac a step or two ahead of the first lady, and as he offers her his outstretched hand, she appears to slap it away. "And let me say , the Israelis would love to have peace", Rubio said. Mr Abbas' Fatah party is at sharp odds with Islamist group Hamas, which is in power in the Palestinian enclave of Gaza, leaving no unified Palestinian position on peace. [Full Article...]

Israel and Arab states have 'common cause over Iranian threat'

Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (R) participates in a welcoming ceremony for U.S. President Donald Trump at Ben Gurion International Airport in Tel Aviv, Israel. Trump used both terms interchangeably, CNN reports. We believe you're willing. Per Haaretz , he added that he has "a feeling that we're going to get there eventually". [Full Article...]

Traders Sell Shares of Microsoft Co. (MSFT) on Strength Following Insider Selling

About 1.04 million shares traded. About shares traded. Bellicum Pharmaceuticals Inc (NASDAQ:BLCM) has risen 32.63% since May 26, 2016 and is uptrending. Capossela sold 3,000 shares of Microsoft stock in a transaction on Tuesday, May 16th. The insider COURTOIS JEAN PHILIPPE sold $1.84 million. Investors sentiment decreased to 0.87 in 2016 Q4. [Full Article...]

NATO chief says allies to join anti-IS coalition

In an address to other North Atlantic Treaty Organisation leaders today he lectured them on needing to "finally contribute their fair share " in the alliance. But how much Trump's rhetoric may have shifted the winds toward increased defense spending remains to be seen. Trump also had lunch with France's new president, Emmanuel Macron , who has been critical of the Republican president. [Full Article...]

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