Apple's new iOS update aims to make driving with your iPhone safer

This is Apple's long-awaited competitor to Amazon's popular Echo speark. Apple Music is deeply integrated with Siri and the HomePod , meaning users can find out a wealth of information using just their voice. The graphics processing will be powered by the Radeon Vega with up to 16 GB of VRAM. All you have to do is scroll up from the lock screen to your notifications. [Full Article...]

Trump has fairly unbelievable relationship with Merkel: WH

Many were shocked when Trump declared in Riyadh that "we are not here to lecture" the mostly unelected assembled leaders - and then criticized European allies in Brussels for not spending enough on defense. Only the United States, Britain, Poland, Estonia and Greece met the target in 2016. Spicer used Tuesday's daily White House press briefing to insist that the Trump administration is fully c... [Full Article...]

Apple Unveils New 13 Inch MacBook Pro At WWDC 2017

Apple has updated its iMac line with up to three times more powerful graphics, faster processors, Thunderbolt 3 , faster storage options and brighter Retina displays, and added a Retina Ultra HD display and discrete graphics to the US$1,299 21.5-inch iMac . [Full Article...]

Amazon-Apple TV deal shows tough road to cooperation for tech rivals

Cook said Apple was pleased about the partnership, and mentioned some original Amazon content like Transparent . However, the deal - long in the making - between Apple and Amazon stands in the way of serving customers , argues Reuters correspondent Jeffrey Dastin. [Full Article...]

John Kerry Blasts Trump Administration for Paris Move

US President Donald Trump announces his decision to withdraw the US from the Paris Climate Accords in the Rose Garden of the White House in Washington , DC, on June 1, 2017. John Oliver first goes through the premise of the Paris Agreement and it general objective: that in order to avoid the global devastation of exceeding a carbon budget, countries would come together to set goals. [Full Article...]

Android Pay is now live in Canada

Android Pay is now live in Canada Facebook spent over 5 million dollars on bug-bounty programs, sending payouts to over 800 researchers all across the globe since the bug bounty program began in 2011. The Increase rewards apply to two bounties such as TrustZone or verified Boot and remote Kernal Exploit. Trust Zone is a system on a chip technology that helps to ensure that security software, system boot settings, and biometric d... [Full Article...]

Apple unveils 'HomePod' connected speaker at WWDC

Apple Music, despite years of work, still lags behind Spotify and was recently, according to one analysis, surpassed by Amazon Prime Music (helped, no doubt, by the rise of the Echo). That leaves Apple . Although it was the first smartphone maker to come out with a digital assistant when Siri debuted in 2011, it hasn't had a stand-alone assistant. [Full Article...]

SpaceX's recycled Dragon capsule reaches, resupplies space station

SpaceX's recycled Dragon capsule reaches, resupplies space station SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket stage is seen safely on its Florida landing pad with the trail of its fiery descent visible in this incredible long-exposure photo taken June 3, 2017 after the booster launched a Dragon cargo ship to the International Space Station for NASA. [Full Article...]

10.5-Inch iPad Pro Details

CPU duties will be handled by what sounds like eight-core, 10-core, and even 18-core versions of Intel's presumably upcoming Skylake Xeons. It'll come with a new feature called ProMotion. The new MacBooks look like a solid update to the 2016 models, but we're just a little bummed Apple couldn't squeeze in a second USB-C port next to the headphone jack on the right side. [Full Article...]

Apple refreshes larger iPad Pro with 10.5-inch display

Apple refreshes larger iPad Pro with 10.5-inch display A developer preview of High Sierra is set to be made available to developers today, with a public beta starting up later in June. Apple has updated its professional-focused iPad Pro tablet lineup with a new addition. The Apple Watch, which launched in 2015, and AirPods, the wireless headphones introduced last September, were the other two product segments. macOS High Sierra Compatibi... [Full Article...]

Warriors score 132 to rout Cavs

Through two games, Thompson has been rendered unplayable: 8 points and 8 rebounds total . "The second half we settled in and just tried to play better and played tougher on defense", Durant said . "We have to defend our home court", said Cavaliers forward Kevin Love . "They're a different team". Curry seized command in the third quarter with 12 points, seven rebounds and five ass... [Full Article...]

Apple announces an iMac Pro update and iOS 11

The company's Apple Pay system that consumers can use to buy stuff now will accommodate person-to-person payments. Apple says Amazon will be making an app for its video service for the Apple TV device this year, filling one of the major gaps on Apple's streaming TV device. [Full Article...]

Trump renews feud with London mayor over terror attack

After more than 20 people were killed in a bomb attack last month at a concert in Manchester , England, Trump condemned the assault as the act of "evil losers" and called on nations to band together to fight terrorism. The AP wrote that Mr Trump couldn't be counted on to accurately inform Americans about what was happening, noting that he had contradicted his homeland security secretary in ca... [Full Article...]

Apple aims to 'reinvent home music' with HomePod smart speaker

Apart from that some of the other announcements, included a facility for vehicle makers develop their own CarPlay apps, expansion of Apple's smart home platform, called HomeKit, and providing public transit directions in Apple Maps. iMessages and Facetime could also get updates, as will Apple Music and Apple Pay. Apple Watch Series 2 (based on watchOS 3) was a much needed boost. [Full Article...]

Sony PS4 Slim Gold Almost Confirmed, Could Come Next Week

Super Smash Bros .is another game that should be a no-brainer and will fit the Switch perfectly with regards to simple mechanics and two-player right out of the box. The Xbox Scorpio release date in Holiday 2017 doesn't just apply to the UK, US and Europe. The company is also indicating that their Mixed Reality platform will be getting a much more detailed showing at E3 and this new device is ... [Full Article...]

Swedish Academy has received Bob Dylan's Nobel lecture

Swedish Academy has received Bob Dylan's Nobel lecture At the time, the Academy said it "respects Bob Dylan's decision", adding that not traveling to the Swedish capital to personally pick up the prestigious award was "unusual, but not exceptional". Now, reports the Associated Press , Dylan appears to have overcome his final layer of Nobel Prize shyness by delivering the prize lecture. Dylan famously didn't even acknowledge the award for al... [Full Article...]

Ex-MMA Fighter 'War Machine' Receives Life Sentence For Sexual Assault, Kidnapping

Ex-MMA Fighter 'War Machine' Receives Life Sentence For Sexual Assault, Kidnapping According to TMZ , War Machine will not be eligible for parole for another 36 years. Johnathan War Machine Koppenhaver has been sentenced to life in prison with the possibility of parole in 36 years after he was found guilty of 29 out of 34 charges today. [Full Article...]

Scientists Find the Hottest Planet in the Universe (So Far)

Scientists Find the Hottest Planet in the Universe (So Far) Having found one very tightly orbiting planet around a young A-star, Gaudi thinks the hunt for other duos experiencing intermediary steps in star-planet evolution will help astronomers solve the mystery of why most older A-types lack companions. [Full Article...]

Video Captures McDonald's Customer Apparently Attacking Employee Over Chicken Sandwich

Video Captures McDonald's Customer Apparently Attacking Employee Over Chicken Sandwich Video footage of the surreal scene was captured by Amanda Gravely, 34, who was waiting in her auto at the drive-thru window with her husband and children, according to The Des Moines Register . Police in the city of Des Moines are seeking to identify the individuals involved in a brawl at a McDonald's restaurant at Euclid Avenue around 9pm Saturday. [Full Article...]

US Supreme Court agrees to hear major case on privacy, phone data

US Supreme Court agrees to hear major case on privacy, phone data Much of the debate focuses on how previous court rulings should be applied in the digital age. As the US government has said many times since Edward Snowden's revelations, data such as cell phone call and text records, IP addresses, and even location data is not "content", but " just metadata ". [Full Article...]

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