Comey: Lynch meeting Bill Clinton on tarmac tainted probe

Clinton's comments Tuesday spurred Trump to respond on Twitter, calling Comey "the best thing that ever happened to Hillary Clinton" for not prosecuting the Democratic nominee. Breaking that policy would be "really bad", Comey said. "That's why we need a special prosecutor to review all of this investigative material". Comey, at a minimum, should have done a full investigation of Abedin. [Full Article...]

Different president, same old government shutdown threats

Different president, same old government shutdown threats Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said the bill would fund the government through September 30 and that he was hopeful Congressional leadership will be able to come to an agreement by the end of the week, though he would not rule out the possibility that they might have to pass a short-term spending package to get over the final few sticking points. [Full Article...]

Dead, 3 Injured in UT Austin Stabbing Attack

According to the documents, White admitted to hearing voices and said a couple days before the attack he purchased a hunting knife. " Campus safety is our highest priority and we will investigate this tragic incident to the greatest extent possible". [Full Article...]

Kangaroo attacks, bites 9-year-old girl on head

Kangaroo attacks, bites 9-year-old girl on head Jennifer White said, "You blame yourself sometimes, like, 'Why did I take her to the park that day?" Her younger sister is seen reaching through a fence, then the kangaroo reached its heads and arms through the fence, grabbed Cheyenne White by the hair and appeared to bite her on the head. [Full Article...]

$1M Powerball ticket bought at Grand Island store

$1M Powerball ticket bought at Grand Island store The lucky ticket owner matched enough numbers to win $50 thousand, but they purchased the Power Play option which tripled the prize. Purchasing the $1 Power Play option allows a victor to increase lower-tier prizes by a factor of 2, 3, 4 or 5, depending on the Power Play number drawn. [Full Article...]

GOP Sen Collins: It's a 'Mistake to Defund Planned Parenthood'

GOP Sen Collins: It's a 'Mistake to Defund Planned Parenthood' As the voting clock wound down, voices singing " Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye " were audible in the House, though there are differing reports as to whether they came from Republicans celebrating or Democrats singing about Republicans who could possibly lose their seats for passing the wildly unpopular bill. [Full Article...]

Texas governor signs order to ban sanctuary cities

Texas governor signs order to ban sanctuary cities Abbott signed the law on Facebook Live Sunday night, according to CNN . "Elected officials and law enforcement agencies, they don't get to pick and choose which laws they will obey", he said. The Texas House has approved a bill potentially cutting billions in future costs from Houston's cash-strapped police and firefighter pension plans - but only after adding a contentious change that may ... [Full Article...]

Atlanta area sheriff arrested on public indecency, obstruction charges

Atlanta area sheriff arrested on public indecency, obstruction charges According to the report, Mann eventually stopped to tie his shoes, got up and began to run again when he noticed the officer approaching. "I ran behind the male while yelling, 'Police, STOP!'", Officer Snell reports. "Being a police officer, I know first hand that things can be misconstrued", he said. Commissioner Greg Adams, a former DeKalb police officer, said his confidence in Mann remains un... [Full Article...]

White House says fourth detention of United States citizen in N. Korea "concerning"

The country's official Korean Central News Agency said Kim Hak Song was detained Saturday and that "a relevant institution is now conducting detailed investigation into his crimes". Last month, the Foreign Ministry advised FAM through the Sports Ministry against playing in Pyongyang due to escalating tension between North Korea and other countries. [Full Article...]

'Barack Obama warned Donald Trump about hiring Michael Flynn'

'Barack Obama warned Donald Trump about hiring Michael Flynn' Yates' warning about Flynn in January capped weeks of building concern among top Obama officials, former officials told the AP. Trump fired Flynn when news broke of his conversations with Russian Ambassador to the U.S. Flynn was sacked 18 days after Yates met McGahn following several news reports alleging he lied to Pence about his conversations with Russian ambassador Sergei Kislyak. [Full Article...]

Trump fires back at Clinton in late-night tweet storm

Trump fires back at Clinton in late-night tweet storm Comey said, "look this was bad it makes me mildly nauseous to think we might of had some impact on the election but honestly it wouldn't change the decision". "We didn't have any indication she had a sense what she was doing was in violation of the law", Comey said. If you or I did a tiny fraction of what they did, we'd be wearing orange jumpsuits and sitting in a tiny cell somewhere. [Full Article...]

Trump celebrates first 100 days with Pennsylvania rally

Trump celebrates first 100 days with Pennsylvania rally And that's because he lives in Moscow". Trump's distaste for the dinner is in stark contrast for former president Barack Obama who was hailed for his witty speeches at the event throughout his presidency. You've got to be twice as good. " You know, he could keep beating on us, but he has a 38 percent to 44 percent approval rating which is at a historic low and it's time to kind of put up",... [Full Article...]

Trump, Turnbull in healthcare controversy

Trump, Turnbull in healthcare controversy Trump Thursday praised Australia's system, called Medicare , at a meeting with Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull in New York City. Following weeks of in-party feuding and mounting pressure from the White House, lawmakers voted 217 to 213 to pass a bill dismantling much of Barack Obama's Affordable Care Act and allowing USA states to opt out of numerous law's key health benefit guarantees on Thurs... [Full Article...]

Trump anti-climate ghost hangs over UN meeting

Trump anti-climate ghost hangs over UN meeting Trump is trying to determine whether to withdraw from the so-called Paris agreement, which is backed by the majority of the global community. David Balton, the USA deputy assistant secretary for worldwide environmental affairs, said Monday: "The last thing I heard is that the president, our president, has indicated that he plans to make a decision some time over the next couple of weeks, but n... [Full Article...]

Fire continues to spread in Georgia wildlife refuge

More than 500 firefighters were working to contain the wildfire. Authorities ordered a mandatory evacuation for all St. George's residents on Sunday after the fire spread out of Okefenokee over the weekend. "It's much easier to evacuate and come back with a bit of inconvenience than to possibly stay in a situation where things could go bad", Davis said to ABC News. [Full Article...]

Mexico criticizes new Texas 'sanctuary city' law

Mexico criticizes new Texas 'sanctuary city' law Gov. Dan Patrick and President Donald Trump. "This bill is insane", Saenz said. "Citizen deserve law breakers to face legal consequences". "I expect a judge will have problems with virtually every section of it". "This is a license to racially profile", Leopold says. "This is not the Texas I know", Terri Burke, executive director of the ACLU of Texas said in a news release. [Full Article...]

Trump Working On America-First Offshore Energy Strategy

The order is also created to reverse a ban President Barack Obama implemented in December to block new offshore drilling leases in the majority of US waters in the Arctic Ocean and some of the Atlantic Ocean. "Allowing offshore drilling is a forever decision that will forever change our way of life for the worse", said Frank Knapp, president of Columbia, South Carolina-based Business Alliance fo... [Full Article...]

Administration names 10 people for federal bench

He also was one of the 21 names on Trump's list of possible Supreme Court nominees. Joan Larsen was originally scheduled to appear Monday morning with local judges to discuss results from Michigan's specialty courts. Heritage Foundation legal analyst Hans von Spakovsky said he is impressed with Mr. Trump's choice of lawyer Damien Schiff of the Pacific Legal Foundation for the little-known U.S. [Full Article...]

Texas college shooting leaves two dead

Texas college shooting leaves two dead Officers found the body of 21-year-old Adrian Victor Torres inside a locker room shower stall in a nearby school building with what appeared to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Some people saw the entire murder-suicide unfold. "I just want to go home", Kc said afterward, as she waited outside the school for friends to pick her up. [Full Article...]

18 fraternity members at Penn State charged in February hazing death

The fraternity says members were "well educated" on its policy of not tolerating hazing or alcohol abuse "but they are entitled to the presumption of innocence as they face these charges". All members of the fraternity Beta Theta Pi were charged with crimes related to the pledge who repeatedly fell down a flight of stairs after he and others drank large amounts of vodka, beer and wine. [Full Article...]

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