Paul Ryan: Gianforte should apologize after reporter 'bodyslam'

Paul Ryan: Gianforte should apologize after reporter 'bodyslam' With most precincts reporting results, Gianforte was leading Democrat Rob Quist by six points, 50-44, as of early Friday morning, though several precincts had yet to file results in the race. For that I'm sorry. In a video posted to Twitter by Washington Post reporter Dave Weigel, Quist responded to reporters by saying it was something for law enforcement to deal with. [Full Article...]

Zbigniew Brzezinski, prominent Ukraine supporter, dies at 89

Brzezinski was involved in the normalization of US-China relations, the signing of the second Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty (SALT II), and the brokering of the Camp David Accords. Carter described Brzezinski as brilliant, dedicated, and loyal. When Communists took power in Poland six years later, he retired and moved his family to a farm in the Canadian countryside. [Full Article...]

Mom praises men killed defending daughter in Portland attack

Mom praises men killed defending daughter in Portland attack Mayor Ted Wheeler announced Monday that the city will not issue permits to alt-right groups for two planned June rallies in Portland. On Friday in the U.S. "We're just here to say thank you", Dyjuana Hudson said in a video on her Facebook page , accompanied by her daughter, Destinee Mangum. Dan Rather, the former TV news anchor, said on Facebook that the men "were courageous Americans who... [Full Article...]

Gator pulled from Sarasota Co. swimming pool

Gator pulled from Sarasota Co. swimming pool Deputy Lori Clark with the Sarasota County Sheriff's Office posted the video on Twitter. Florida Fish and Wildlife also responded to the scene, and a trapper is relocating the gator. "The gator just wanted to go for a swim and cool off", one commenter wrote. Nuisance gators can be reported for removal through the FWC hotline at 1-866-FWC-GATOR. [Full Article...]

Mother to victims: 'You will always be our hero'

Mother to victims: 'You will always be our hero' Returned from a disaster-strewn trip overseas, Trump spent three days and 20 Tweets whining about "fake news" and other crap before deigning - not from his own account - to call the attack "unacceptable". She said Christian "told us to go back to Saudi Arabia and he told us we shouldn't be here, to get out of his country..." "He was telling us that basically we weren't worth anything and w... [Full Article...]

Fort Jackson National Cemetery Honors Fallen Soldiers

Trump tweeted Monday. "I look forward to paying my respects to our fearless men and women on this Memorial Day at Arlington National Cemetery later this morning". Flags have a lifespan of about two months, Wentz said, and are often pulled down at the first sign of wear in hopes of repairing and hoisting them back up. [Full Article...]

Trump condemns fatal stabbing of good Samaritans in Portland

Anti-Muslim incidents increased more than 50 percent in the United States a year ago, it said. At the vigil, some people had messages to parents. Hudson had previously told the Oregonian that her daughter had been on the train with her friend who was wearing a hijab , and that Christian had been shouting hate speech at them. [Full Article...]

1 of 2 girls harassed on train speaks out

Christian's mother told the Huffington Post that she couldn't imagine why her son would be involved in such an incident, "unless he was on drugs or something". Meche graduated past year from Reed College in Portland with a bachelor's degree in economics, the college said on its website. Police say Micah David-Cole Fletcher, 21, of Portland was also stabbed and is in serious condition at a Po... [Full Article...]

Local veteran shares his thoughts on Memorial Day

At the ceremony, crowds of people paid tribute to our fallen heroes and the ceremony even honored those veterans that are still with us today. Lisa Graeme served four years in the military. "It's been my medication. because I lost nine of my brothers over there and this is kind of a thank you to them". Many veterans believe young people do not have the same appreciation for the day that they d... [Full Article...]

OUR VOICE: Remembering those who gave their all

OUR VOICE: Remembering those who gave their all The holiday later became known as Memorial Day and is now observed in nearly every state on the last Monday in May with Congressional passage of the National Holiday Act of 1971. America has fought many wars since World War II, bringing new rosters of the fallen from battles in Korea, Vietnam, Panama, Lebanon, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan and more. [Full Article...]

Is Memorial Day supposed to be 'happy'?

Here's a look at Memorial Day, a day honoring American soldiers who died serving the country in wars. Memorial Day only became an official federal holiday in 1971. That's down to less than one-half of a percent today, guaranteeing more Americans aren't personally acquainted with a soldier, sailor, airman or Marine. [Full Article...]

Memorial Day Ceremony at Carolina Memorial Park honors the fallen

Memorial Day weekend is considered a long holiday weekend for many but for some, Monday was not a day off. The 12-foot-tall granite memorial featuring four "hero walls" with the names of 50 men mostly killed training for or fighting in conflicts overseas since September 11, 2001, was unveiled previous year. [Full Article...]

On the United States was struck by a powerful tornado

On the United States was struck by a powerful tornado Barron County Sheriff Chris Fitzgerald described the scene at Prairie Lakes Estates mobile home park as "total devastation" and said first responders could hear people yelling for help when they arrived. Croix and Taylor counties in west-central Wisconsin , and a flash flood warning for Buffalo, Chippewa, Dunn, Eau Claire, Pepin, Pierce, Rusk and Trempealeau counties. [Full Article...]

Maryland-Northwestern Big Ten semifinal now set for Sunday

Maryland-Northwestern Big Ten semifinal now set for Sunday Once it was over, I had a bunch of unbelievable feelings and emotions. With its pitching depth in question after Saturday's doubleheader against Minnesota, the Hawkeyes got a performance for the ages from senior starting pitcher Drake Robison. [Full Article...]

Missile Launch "Great Disrespect" for China

Missile Launch It landed in Japan's exclusive maritime economic zone, which is set about 200 nautical miles off the Japanese coast, Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga said. A woman watches a TV screen showing a file footage of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, at Seoul Train Station in Seoul, South Korea, Monday, May 29 , 2017. [Full Article...]

Legion members, volunteers remember veterans who served their country

Every year at this time we're reminded of the real meaning of Memorial Day. The answer is simple - Veterans Day celebrates the military service of all veterans, while Memorial Day, celebrated across the US on Monday, honors those who died for the country at war, said Hirsch, the commander of Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 5253 in Albertson. [Full Article...]

Gov. Greg Abbott coy on special session as lawmakers leave business unfinished

Gov. Greg Abbott coy on special session as lawmakers leave business unfinished Texas' legislative session was winding down Sunday, with an all but dead "bathroom bill" targeting transgender people caught in a clash between mainstream Republicans and the most conservative wing of the party that dominates politics in the nation's second-largest state. [Full Article...]

Trump delays decision on Paris climate agreement at G7 summit

President Donald Trump and Canada's prime minister met on the sidelines of the G-7 summit to discuss economic issues. Trump failed to reassure European leaders about his commitment to combating Russian aggression with his remarks at North Atlantic Treaty Organisation headquarters in Brussels and hours later, as he landed in Sicily for the G7, news broke that the Federal Bureau of Investigati... [Full Article...]

Local veterans host Memorial Day service honoring fallen soldiers

The day has additional resonance in the area. As the Civil War came into Virginia, Robert E. Lee and his wife fled their 1,100-acre estate, known as Arlington, which overlooked Washington D.C. We encourage our readers to attend observances and to think about the significance of the day. As a Vietnam veteran, (70-71) Memorial Day means something to me personally. [Full Article...]

National Spelling Bee becoming easier to predict

National Spelling Bee becoming easier to predict Even as a second-grader, you all were doing the Heart of Texas spelling bee at the time and he was studying both sets of words at the same time. But things have changed since Kelly was 4. "When I'm not very optimistic, she's the one that tells me I can do it, that I'm going to win", Melanie said of her sister. Una preferred discussing music to spelling during a recent interview at Van Wert's B... [Full Article...]

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