White House communications director Mike Dubke steps down

The President tweeted on Tuesday: "Russian officials must be laughing at the USA & how a lame excuse for why the Dems lost the election has taken over the Fake News". Investigators are interested in what went on during a December meeting between Kushner and a Russian banker whose financial institution was deeply intertwined with Russian intelligence. [Full Article...]

McConnell faces a challenge passing health care in Senate

According to Kaiser , fewer than one in 10 Americans say the Senate should pass the House bill in its current form. President Donald Trump Sunday tweeted that the process for tax cuts and reform are "ahead of schedule", but Washington's status quo is already taking its toll on some of the deep rate cuts Republicans are seeking, reports The Wall Street Journal . [Full Article...]

What are the most misspelled words in every state?

What are the most misspelled words in every state? Seven of those who preceded her spelled words wrong. "I just want to praise Jesus for getting me here", Rajeev said. Edith competed in her first spelling bees this year, she said, and was surprised to keep winning. I think that's probably because of the many weeks of waiting for the momma giraffe to have her baby earlier this year. It was the most common "how to spell" term searched in Georgia... [Full Article...]

Trump to announce decision on Paris climate agreement soon

At least 365 companies , including fossil fuel titans like ExxonMobil and BP, support the United States sticking with the Paris Agreement on climate change. News of Mr Trump's expected decision drew swift reaction from the United Nations. The U.S.is the world's second largest contributor of greenhouse emissions, trailing only China . [Full Article...]

Ailes' political legacy: GOP control in divided America

Ailes' political legacy: GOP control in divided America But there was a darker side to Ailes' conservatism and that played out very publicly previous year when former Fox host Gretchen Carlson launched an explosive multi-million-dollar lawsuit against him, citing sexual harassment . It was during a 1967 taping of " The Mike Douglas Show " that Ailes met future president Richard Nixon , who later tapped him to serve as his executive producer f... [Full Article...]

Senate GOP Staff to Draft Health Care Bill During Recess

Now Republicans in the Senate have to decide how to make their version different. The Congressional Budget Office has scored President Trump's health care proposal, and it's not pretty: Around 23 million Americans would lose health insurance under the American Health Care Act . [Full Article...]

Iowa's GOP senators cast doubt on health care law repeal

The filibuster is a procedural tool in the Senate that allows for endless debate on a topic. Now, with the nuclear option triggered for all presidential appointments, Trump set his sights on the legislative filibuster, which would mean any piece of legislation going through the Senate would just need 51 votes. [Full Article...]

McDowell's jobless rate for April at 3.9 percent

McDowell's jobless rate for April at 3.9 percent On a monthly basis, the number of jobless in Italy slipped 106,000, or 3.5%, in April while it was down by 146,000, or 4.8%, on the year earlier. Revisions to earlier data also meant that last month's unemployment figures were better than previously thought, at 11.5% rather than the previously published 11.7%. [Full Article...]

Officer's attorneys want Castile gun permit evidence omitted

Officer's attorneys want Castile gun permit evidence omitted Paul suburb of Falcon Heights during a traffic stop. With the trial of the St. Anthony police officer charged in the death of Philando Castile opening Tuesday, the prosecution and defense will begin the arduous and often time-consuming task of deciding who will compose the 12-member panel that will decide their side's fate. [Full Article...]

Trump expected to leave climate deal _ but with 'caveats'

Trump expected to leave climate deal _ but with 'caveats' Schneiderman: "I have not - and will not - hesitate to hold President Trump accountable for any climate policies that threaten New Yorkers". The Democrat said Wednesday that plans for an worldwide climate summit in Boston planned for later this year have stalled because of lack of support from the Trump administration. [Full Article...]

SJSU student who made up kidnapping won't face charges

SJSU student who made up kidnapping won't face charges She told law enforcement officers that she had been kidnapped at knifepoint, beaten in the face and forced to drive hundreds of miles from San Jose in her auto, according to the Coos County Sheriff's Office. She told authorities her kidnapper was a male in his 30s with no facial hair and that he was wearing a black hoodie, black baseball hat and black winter gloves. [Full Article...]

Trump hails heroes at Arlington

Trump hails heroes at Arlington Mark Dayton said. Before the remarks, Trump laid a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, touching it for a long moment before stepping away. "They made their sacrifice not for fame, or for money, or even for glory, but for country". Trump also singled out for special mention Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly. "Every time you see the sun rise over this blessed land, please know your f... [Full Article...]

Celebrate National Donut Day with LaMar's

Celebrate National Donut Day with LaMar's Individual volunteers of The Salvation Army have been sent personalized thank you letters and lapel pins to indicate they are a Salvation Army volunteer. The shop will also be offering a free doughnut with every breakfast and lunch sandwich order (limit one per person), as well as giveaways via social media. [Full Article...]

Suspect in Portland hate killings to appear in court

Suspect in Portland hate killings to appear in court A witness later said Christian called Muslims "criminals" and yelled "get off the bus and out of this country because you don't pay taxes here". Late last month, Christian had attended a Portland-area right-wing "March for Free Speech" carrying a bat and spouting hate speech. [Full Article...]

Texas 'bathroom bill' near collapse over GOP standoff

The Texas Senate months ago approved a sweeping proposal requiring transgender people to use public restrooms corresponding to the gender on their birth certificates - similar to a law that sparked national outcry and boycotts worth billions of dollars in lost revenue when North Carolina approved a similar measure past year. [Full Article...]

Prosecutors to drop charges in Stanley Cup dead catfish toss

Game two is equally as crucial to either team in this series . "Whether catfish or cat, it's never acceptable to toss any sensitive, intelligent animal's body onto the ice during a hockey game". The gulf actually stretched 37 minutes in all, which sounds like a flawless way for the opponent to win. The Nashville Predators goaltender faced fewer total shots in Game 1 against the Penguins tha... [Full Article...]

Trump to withdraw USA from Paris pact on global warming

Trump to withdraw USA from Paris pact on global warming Romney's tweet comes after reports surfaced Wednesday that President Trump would pull out of the 195-nation deal negotiated under former President Barack ObamaBarack ObamaTrump admin weighing return of seized Russian compounds: report Biden launching PAC: report Romney urges Trump to support Paris climate deal MORE in 2015. [Full Article...]

Text of grieving mother's letter to President Donald trump

Text of grieving mother's letter to President Donald trump That's what liberalism gets you". The survivor of a stabbing attack in Portland , Oregon, that left two people dead and allegedly involved hate speech told ABC News that it is the "civic duty" and "moral responsibility" of all Portland residents to make sure all who live there feel at home. [Full Article...]

Jared Kushner defended by Trump amid 'secret Russia line' questions

The wider investigation into Russia's alleged election meddling is being led by Robert Mueller, a respected former FBI director who was given broad powers to pursue the case as a special counsel. interception of discussions with Moscow . But he said on " Fox News Sunday" that "any channel of communications back or otherwise with a country like Russian Federation is a good thing ". [Full Article...]

Trump Tweets (Again) About Changing Senate Filibuster Rules

Earlier this month, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell rejected the idea. Republicans have instead opted to try to pass tax reform and health care through a process known as reconciliation, which applies to budgetary measures and only requires 51 votes. [Full Article...]

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